In the bookstore you will find lots of gift books. Or donate an annual subscription to a fascinating journal. Choice – is huge: from "Happy parents "to Cosmopolitan . The third group of gifts – certificates for visits to various institutions: the shops of cosmetics, fashion boutiques for pregnant women, beauty salons, barber shops, sushi bars, restaurants, etc. By the way, does not need to buy a certificate, you can simply "pull" pregnant girlfriend in the light and go together.

Pregnancy – a great time. And if the future mom no health problems, and the pregnancy proceeds without complications, you should use it and to get positive emotions: they are transmitted and the baby! A good gift for a pregnant friend may be going to the museum, theater, gallery and conservatory. Of course, provided that expectant mother herself is fond of it. Sometimes, in this interesting period, wake up very very unusual hobbies, and hated before soccer girl to tears now worried about your favorite team in front of the TV. Of course, to pregnant girl to a football match it, to put it mildly, dangerous. Especially considering the behavior of football fans. But, remember, and that the future mom to deny anything is impossible.

A sign of this is, yes, yes! So what if she asking for a match, do everything that he brought her only joy. And the last one (on the list, but not least) a group of gifts – home appliances. These things also need your mother. Blender, juicer, yogurtnitsa, lightweight vacuum cleaner silent – Reliable helpers in the difficult task of caring for a baby. If a friend of itself "will order", you can give a special device to listen to the baby lives in her mother's tummy – phonograph BebeSounds: it allows you to hear heartbeat baby, but still, as he hiccups. Or donate electronic scales that take into account each has added programs, heater and steriliser bottles, radio or even a video babysitter. Believe me, these devices make life easier for serious young mothers. And if you – a happy future pope, your range of possible gifts is expanding. Order a photo shoot for a future mom! These services provide many photo studios – call and ask. But the most memorable gift will be a limousine to maternity hospital! After just a miracle born and his mother deserve the royal reception! And in conclusion, that no matter what gift you choose, the main thing that it was made from the heart. Postcard from warm words from you, a bouquet of flowers – will serve as a good addition to any gift. Wish pregnant girlfriend of warmth and comfort of home, health and welfare of the family. And let your gift will be truly fit, truly useful and exciting fun. Give holiday expectant mother and baby wonderful!

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There's a real evolution of mankind. Unfortunately, progress, or should I say regression, of human society deprived of its mobility. Even within the normal consciousness (green zone) the movement of the point perception is difficult because of the narrow passage (as he once was wide, and I hope will be). Hence all the problems of both the individual and humanity in general. From the foregoing it is clear that in order to improve our lives (as is minimum), to get super-powers, to the direction of evolution in the right direction (this is the maximum), you must do two things.

First, clear your unconscious by debris, so it does not interfere with the mechanisms useful life and reflections in their work. Second, learn to hold your point of perception in the area of awareness and the need to move it to the desired time zone in the rational mind, or in areas nadsoznaniya. Cleaning debris from the unconscious do psychoanalysts and psychotherapists. Without much success. Scooping a teaspoon of garbage accumulated in the current life of the next layer of the unconscious, without considering past lives the patient, not to mention the collective unconscious and space.

To cleanse the subconscious without the "deep drilling" and "Climbing Up the soul," there is an effective method. This katarsisnye * technology developed by Osho, in particular "Gibberish" and "no-mind." "Gibberish" is simpler, but no less effective. These techniques can enhance meditation techniques for forgiveness. Change their perception more difficult. And do not say so technically, but in time, because of the already very well-established for many life habits that do not. Rubbish in the unconscious and social conditioning will also hold, especially those who in past lives does not have representation on the special state of awareness or deny them. In Psychology special state of awareness known that, in this paper is a transition point of perception from the green zone to another zone of consciousness. Here, just want to warn that the drugs are not acceptable. In addition to the harm physical body, the probability of "stuck" in the unconscious (which is in the unconscious, but not in nadsoznatelnom) is too high. Judge yourself, it will bring to man. This was, incidentally, is warns Toltec Path of Freedom naguals. Breathing exercises, leading to an altered state of consciousness, so that no harm health, you need to do this only under the guidance of teachers, rather than independently or under the leadership of an inexperienced talker or irresponsible charlatan. Come to being able to manage their perceptions can be a spiritual practice. All of them will eventually bring its adherents to one and the same ability to be in consciousness, and then to ability to change their perception of need. Choose practice, if you want to get out of your boring little world. I advise to learn to meditate on this. In my opinion, this is the shortest and most efficient way. Good luck You! P. Leyman. 2007 * Catharsis (from the Greek. Catharsis – cleaning) – strong emotional shock, which is not due to real life events and their symbolic display, such as a work of art. The term was introduced in psychology and psychoanalysis of the ancient tragedy.

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Anthem Antioxidants

Very grown in the whole world Flu virus – three or four! – To grow, increasing disease. If puny – just in a coffin! Preserve the health of so – Use … ANTIOXIDANTS. That's how you can replace the words in the famous song of Vladimir Vysotsky. That destroys modern man? Environmental risks: in air, water, soil contains salts of heavy metals, toxic and radioactive substances.

The slogan "The sun, air and water – our best friends!" Is not quite is true and loses its value every day. Suntan is no longer fashionable. It is recognized adverse effect of sun on human skin and the organism as a whole. Constant exposure to electromagnetic fields (mobile telephones, televisions, refrigerators, microwaves, computers …) Bad habits (smoking, alcohol abuse, …) Uncontrolled reception of medical preparations, a large number of counterfeit medicines. Unbalanced food, which lacks the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain the protective properties of the body. Exceeding the permissible level of nitrates, nitrites, antibiotics and hormones in food and feed used in animal husbandry.

Stress, emotional, informational overload. Abnormal external (environmental) and internal (metabolic) habitat reduces the protective properties of the human body. Main disease in humans are formed by 25-30 years, during the first signs of aging. In the early stages of the disease do not manifest themselves actively and do not worry. In the human body are constant processes of decay and Synthesis, reduction and oxidation. Under the influence of external and internal factors, the existing balance is disturbed. There are substances that are not recovered until the end. It is free radicals, molecules that have one unbound active electron. He actively seeks to influence the body, damaging and destroying healthy cells. Affected tissue, and in the first place – the skin, arteries, eyes, brain. The damaged tissue can not perform function normally. Self-healing organism imbalance leads to deterioration of suction needed trace elements and vitamins, reduced immunity, slows metabolism, protein synthesis and cell breathing. Processes are particularly noticeable appearance of free radicals with age, when the processes of manifestation and course of disease are complicated and accelerated. Identified a number of "free radical diseases", including stroke, heart attack, cancer. Barrier to the rise of free radicals antioxidants. Experiments and medical studies have proven the effectiveness of antioxidants in the fight against "free radical diseases" in the primary and secondary prevention, their ability to enhance the effect of drug treatment and rehabilitation (including diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases and many others). In countries and regions where a large percentage content of antioxidants in foods (citrus, grapes, blueberries …), a higher percentage of centenarians (Mediterranean, Caucasus). As with age in our body enzymes, hormones, amino acids and other drifting aging substances produced in smaller quantities all we can to replenish their supplies from the outside, thus returning his youth, and restoring the fabric. Our natural protection is exhausted, but that does not mean that you need abandon all hope of recovery. You can not sit back and passively wait for old age! Antioxidants – Time of the body. Take antioxidants should always: – as a preventive measure, If you lead an active lifestyle, living in ecologically unfavorable region, working in hazardous industries, are experiencing increased stress loads – in order to prevent exacerbation of disease and treatment disease in the acute phase in accordance with the dosage and intervals as prescribed by your doctor.

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Sharp Electronics

In Russia, sold more than 500 brands of mineral water and drinking water, while in America and Europe, the share of sales of private brands reaches 30-40% and is projected in some networks, it can be reduced to 60-80%. What companies? 1. Different and surprising. 2. Use emotion and inspiration against boredom and dissatisfaction. 3. Develop the quality of communication as a means of increasing competitiveness. 4.

Develop intuition as a tool to predict the market development. Driver 5. Life under the risk level of security in the world constantly decreasing. Environmental problems, economic crises, pandemics, nuclear threat, terrorism, constantly rising level of stress. Life at risk more and more influence on the economy, human values, the image life management.

This powerful driver stimulates economic approach to ecosystems, changing the logistics, the views on safety, nutrition and lifestyle. The fragility of the ecosystem creates a chaotic and complex area liability companies, and each person, which is to be resolved in the coming decades. The main trends are as follows. 1. Food = Health; "ECO" as a new value. Mass markets are born natural, based on ekotsennosti – ECO-production, mobilization and ECO ECO-town. Exploit the idea of "green" companies come to a real green product. For example, Sharp Electronics has developed an oven, which reduces the amount of fat eating habits. The oven heats to 570 degrees meal – as a result of fat evaporated and volatilized 2. Meaning as a new value. Instability in the world, growing threats, increased loneliness and responsibility of each of its life will strengthen the desire of man to understand its place and purpose and meaning of survival on earth. The thirst for meaning will affect the behavior, motivations, priorities and purchasing behavior. 3. Purchase your eyes open. In the next decade, manufacturers will be forced to post as much information about the product and its relationship to health, will develop new "codes", and the concept of the icon. Recent examples are: Carbon footprint – carbon footprint" which leaves each person buying anything. Carbon footprint labeling in the future will in any commodity, and they will compete at the level of less harm to the surrounding world. What companies? 1. Use health and environment as a motivating factor for buying 2. Invest in business ideas and new meanings in order to prevent the premature death of the company. Conclusion Only at first glance emerging trends of the future seem chaotic maps. Current trends – this is the future of innovation. Do not tell yourself "this will not happen," "but where is the guarantee?", "This far!" – Better to ask yourself: How will these trends may affect the vision and plans for my company? How to upgrade the business? How to get out on the consumers who are already "on the wave"? * Driver (born driver – the driver, host) literally means a product that gives the company the bulk of it is important for performance indicators (profit, turnover, the number of sales, etc.). In a figurative sense, the driver – driving the trend. ** The study, called Young Adults Revealed (Unveiled Youth") was held on Microsoft and Synovate in November 2008. among the 12 thousand young people. Article author: Anastasia Varaksina, brand agency director of strategic marketing and branding Mains, Novosibirsk article was published in the journal General Director, 4 (April 2010)

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Medical Rehabilitation Center

Osteochondrosis sooner or later becomes a problem for all of us, but how to live with this problem – your choice. Old age can be an active, active, happy and healthy, and can, as a young person to become a feeble old man. What is it – the low back pain? Why it is a common problem? And most importantly, what to do, to as late as possible and with minimal impact on our health get to know him? These and other questions about us osteochondrosis said Elena Anapolskaya – manual therapist Medical Rehabilitation Center "Kimberley Land." What is osteochondrosis? Just want to say that low back pain – not a disease, and aging spine. Medically speaking, low back pain – is the local distruktivno-dystrophic process in bone and cartilage, beginning in the intervertebral disc and spreads to adjacent bony vertebral elements. When our spine is beginning to grow old? It is sad, but age-related changes in the spine start getting somewhere for 20 years – the vessels that feed the intervertebral discs spine zapustevayut and their food begins to be carried out by osmosis, the diffusion of water and nutrients from the working muscles and ligaments. In the static-dynamic overload – the frozen posture, bad posture, inadequate physical activity – broken support and shock-absorbing function of the disk, and trophic lesions develop in the first place on the border of mobile and less mobile spine – nizhnepoyasnichnogo, nizhnesheynogo, as well as lumbar and sheynogrudnogo transitions. The disc is dehydrated, shrinking, flattening, leading to its protrusion – the so-formed protrusion, herniation. In response, the edge of the vertebrae grow reactively and local inflammation occurs, depending on location.

It is said that in recent years, low back pain much "younger"? This is true. Before his first symptoms manifested themselves after 30 years, and now osteochondrosis occurs in 20-year-olds. What is the reason? In my opinion, the reason is lack of exercise, monotonous movements.

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Gynecological Needs

It is usually assumed that the gynecologist consultation is required only to women. The term 'children' gynecologist 'often causes confusion among only those who are not familiar with the urgency of the issue of gynecological diseases in girls. But, prevention and reproductive health care of the younger generation is important to begin in childhood, not postponing it for later, when treatment options will be missed. Children's gynecologist specializing in diseases of female genitalia in girls. Your doctor may take as a children's clinic and in the office of women's advice – depending on the characteristics of health care in different areas. The duties This specialist is early detection of gynecologic problems in girls, their diagnosis and treatment and counseling of adolescent girls in matters of contraception, and personal hygiene. For timely diagnosis Diseases are organized mandatory inspections of girls. They should be held with some regularity: the age of 3 years before kindergarten, a school before the age of twelve and 14 years – every year.

In addition, it is desirable to visit Children's gynecologist, when menstruation begins. In addition, quite often there are situations where medical examination is also required. So when the girls need a check and probably a course of treatment in child gynecology? 1. The presence of specific complaints. For example, complaints of abnormal leukorrhea, pain in lower abdomen, changing the shape or the size of the stomach, excessive or overly painful menstruation, uterine bleeding.

2. The symptoms which indicate violation of sexual development: the emergence of his symptoms until eight years or, conversely, their absence after 13 years. 3. Condition after surgery for abdominal organs, which may be formed after welding, lead to ectopic pregnancy and infertility. 4. Persistent changes in urinalysis. Increased mucus and white blood cells characteristic of inflammatory diseases of the genital tract. 5. Symptoms of hormonal disorders: body hair, as in youth obesity and the second or third degree. In addition, girls should be examined by a gynecologist during prolonged severe diseases, rheumatic heart disease, a large deficit of weight gain in adolescent girls, because such processes may crash establishment of menstrual function. Be sure to consult a gynecologist to have to visit a girl suffering from tuberculosis. In all such cases should not cancel a visit to the pediatric gynecologist triggering the disease process until when the recovery will already be difficult. Laid the foundation for health in childhood! Consultation gynecologist online for urgent matters

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Health Conclusions

Furthermore, it is well known that many remarkable achievements in recent years provided chemicals that were first allowed and then banned. No less hurt and was constantly declared by representatives of the anti-doping service thesis that the fight against doping is due to only concern for preserving the health of athletes. The list of prohibited substances and methods have long gone beyond that it was necessary to keep the benefit of the health of athletes, he deprived athletes opportunities use many cutting-edge medicine for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes, not to mention the stimulating effectiveness of the training. In this respect, athletes were the only representatives of extreme professions, deprived of the right to protect themselves effective pharmacological means, not only from occupational diseases, but also from ordinary common diseases. Grave danger to the health of athletes is established and in high performance sport practice of buying stimulant drugs on the "black market" at random people. This is understandable, given the lack of proper education and strict control of the anti-doping services for the actions of athletes, coaches and physicians associated with the acquisition, transportation, storage and use of doping drugs, as well as sanctions for such violations. Substandard drugs flooded the "black market" became an additional risk factor for the health of athletes. Subjected to constant criticism system for organizing and conducting the testing, the objectivity of the conclusions presented. Of particular concern were the cases of insufficient reliable research methods, lack of organization in Control – regular testing of some athletes and a liberal attitude toward others. Sided and presented system of sanctions, when the whole responsibility and heavy punishment fell upon only a sportsman, though were aware of cases where athletes found guilty of doping, did not even know that they were put illegal substances, or could not be assumed that these substances were detected in beverages or foods.

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