Body Care

Body Care Skin, the largest organ of the human body. Protecting the body from exposure to the outside world, she carries the thermo-regulating, excretory, respiratory, gas exchange and receptor function. The skin consists of three main layers: the epidermis, to be beneath the dermis and hypodermis. Epidermis – a multi-layered, "keratinizing" epithelia organism against the penetration of germs and dehydration. Dermis forms a loose connective tissue fibers collagen, reticulin and elastin, which create a framework of the skin. Ultimately, the state determines the state of the dermis and epidermis of healthy skin. In today's world the skin continuously exposed to external negative factors: dust, neon light, radiation from computer screens, solar radiation, alcohol, smoking, etc. Everyone wants a beautiful body.

Therefore, skin care has an important place that would get a beautiful and healthy body. Health Line Justrich Cosmetics (cosmetics for the body) is intended to "slow down" the inexorable passage of time and create the optimum conditions that allow the skin the best way to perform its functions. Health Line provided curative and cosmetic products, which the mainstream – to maintain health, youth and beauty of the body, easing muscle pain, withdrawal itching, skin rashes and irritations treatment of scars and burns, relief under the state upper respiratory tract diseases, prevention and slowing the aging process, prevent the development of cellulite. The line of body care products Justrich Cosmetics: Cream KalendulKrem LavandKrem MalvKrem MozhzhevelnikKrem Salt Dead moryKrem TimyanKrem for telGel Sage refreshing (and body gel) Gel after brityLoson body MalvMindalnoe body lotion formula of "Healthy food = healthy life "- that is what the company is guided in his philosophy, not in words but in deeds. The company offers a number of NARINE great products to preserve and restore health and krasoty.Isklyuchitelno "smart" Swiss formula and the highest technology – that's what the products of Narino. The number of customers admiring the quality of products Narino, every day is getting wider, and thus become increasingly important personal konsultatsii.Produkty NARINE – do come to you and become your best friends and helpers. With NARINE you always healthy, beautiful and full of vitality!

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Sick With Love

Who is man? – It is believed that the man being the smartest person I ……. but do not know if you are intelligent creatures that is people respond to me? It hurts that I do not understand, if I knew the doctor may ask ……. colitis heart, lost sleep, thoughts are entangled, constantly cold, lost my appetite, I can not control my tears are flowing endlessly. what is the weight in my heart …. really want to be cured but can not. They say that I fell in love with the times will not who knows how long does it ….. is not it strange disease? Doctors can not help, drugs not only have to wait when will but where is the guarantee that everything will go? where is the guarantee that the disease will not come back? can not answer and I can not here.

From all this follows another question why do need is love? Anyone who was sick with the disease know as they were badly ………… thinking about? and me too. While writing these lines and thought, after all, love it and may not disease. Yes of course there are symptoms, but this is just speculation. I do not know how to call it ….. but it can be for what we live for? Yes it is possible that life as we tormented in order to experience this love? You thought that I was gone? I think that our lives are designed that would worry …. no …. I'm of sound mind and understand what I say but not sure that I was right ……

but we are able to assume. So you imagine ……. Remember that time a positive thing, or imagine that those close to you the person with whom you just …. well that may be far from you but you hear his name breaks into a smile. When you are rad you or anything, and do not need no more valuable then that moment. Nice to you? Yes nor that this does not compare but always is that what it destroys As sad as it did not sound ……. And then come these symptoms and now my whole life. Drawing conclusions it appears that we are ready to suffer all my life for the sake of one moment of happiness ….. mdaaaa "fun", but at least I know that now and I felt bad but this moment of happiness and do not regret it. Maybe you think that's stupid if she met him now, so do not tormented, but lived to rejoice, walking, resting. But you know what I'll tell you this that I feel sorry for you …. you are so say because I do not love, but if you do not love you do not know true happiness.

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Lake Bath (Yaktykul) – Great Place To Enjoy In This Country

Only 40 km from the city of Magnitogorsk is the most beautiful and pure water of the Urals – Bath lake. Indigenous people gave it the name 'Yaktykul', that the Bashkir language is translated as "bright lake". Given it quite by accident, because of its clean fresh water for many years, provide people with health and longevity. Local places astonishingly pristine beauty and grandeur, ensuring that the Russians a great summer and winter recreation. Visiting Bath once lake, ski resort "Metallurg", which is equipped in compliance with stringent European standards, and the slope Kryh Tau, you are sure to come back here again.

The system of mountain ranges, which forms a unique, in many respects unique landscape for a long time haunting and makes again and relive the joyful emotions that gives people the Bath Lake. Let's dwell on the choice of place of residence. All Hotel (Bath Lake – a favorite vacation spot Urals) are located directly on the waterfront – more precisely, in its western part, where usually steep and steep coastline becomes flatter. Despite some distance from large population centers, living at Lake Bath meets the needs of even the demanding metropolitan residents. For recreation area all the necessary utilities. Highly developed infrastructure enables guests to forget about all the problems and experiences of the outside world, just think about the rest, to feel like home. On the shore of the lake there are several large apartment complexes: the hotel Taganay, sanatorium 'Jubilee' holiday home 'Ural dawns' and 'Birches', as well as one of the largest ski areas in the Urals.

" About Metallurg Magnitogorsk GLTS tell apart, because it is there equipped ski slopes, ideal suitable for both experienced and for beginners. However, the slopes are excellent – this is important, but not the only advantage glts Metallurg. Guests are complex, of course, enjoy: Numerous restaurants and cafe, picnic glades, beautiful mountains, amazing forests, mild climate, and other social facilities. For more information on routes. To come to Bath as a lake can be beginners, so and lovers of extreme fun, which was prepared for a half-pipe slope. The seven existing routes glts 'Metallurg' designed for skiers with different levels of sporting skills and training. The resort is equipped with high speed lift gondola type, which is only 6 minutes to raise people to the top of any of the seven runs. The length of runs an average of 2,500 m. There are trails for riding at night, you can hire sports equipment and school for beginners. Well But now, with regard to residence. Comfortable and modern hotel (Bath is famous for its excellent residential complexes) are able to take your walls absolutely any number of guests. One option – a hotel Taganay. It opened its doors recently, but has already gained great popularity at the expense of comfortable living conditions, superb service and a large variety of additional services. Lake Bath is waiting for you, dear friends. Here everyone will find something fun to shower and get exactly the holiday, on which he had so long dreamed of!

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Outboard Motors. Accessories For The Perfect Entertainment

A list of very attractive option for a hobby, well within the harsh peasant, without a doubt, it is permissible to mention the fishing. That's fishing – it's not just one kind of sports, but the image activity, which can itself periodically to provide. Life, the essence of which is freedom, flat expanse of lake, running around, and decent for this man deserved mining – a huge big fish. In a situation, if our ancestors had been fishing by obtaining essentially decent food, for the current catcher fish fishing – a way to get rid of worries routine, to feel the adrenaline from the mining process and delight in fact a prominent victory. Of course, all this is real, provided that the equipment would be worthy of a fisherman. The current fishing may require careful selection of the type of action for framing.

Required to consider and odezhku – sensible, waterproof – and a tent, and direct special fishing gear. If you are trying to learn fishing with vodnomotornogo vehicle, and inflatable boats to be particularly convenient in these vehicles, you'll love it. Compared with conventional wooden ships, inflatable boats much more comfortable for those who are not going to fish all the time. Dinghy conveniently stored in the house in the attic or garage in, and do not require a separate space for the winter. Moreover, the inflatable will be used not only for fishing but also for romantic walks. In specific shopping malls, theme actually cast fishing, it is permissible to view and select the appropriate outboard engines, if your body shape sports or just life position does not allow using only oars. While outboard motor can be chosen for the standard and small rubber boat hobby.

Proper ammunition to a large extent determines the overall success and specifically the fishing enterprise and the overall health of the fish catcher after fishing. Since it is no secret that the weather we have the power to change pretty soon, and fishing involves a long stay with little or no mobility. And if the catcher of fish not previously acquired a special clothing, then either catch a cold, or will have to stop this is a wonderful lesson, as soon as the wind rises and the rain will drip. Equal and equipment should be provided diverse, so for each fish to pick up the most adequate diet. To fishing has been really positive and remember for a long time.

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Elektnonnaya Cigarette Imperium

Nowadays, heavy smokers not to be envied. The smoking ban already extends to almost all public places, smokers are office workers now ostracized by smoking colleagues. In general, all logical – threatened the health of not only the smoker but also those who are near. A man who understands that this again and again to try to quit smoking is not hearsay, but from personal experience, knows how difficult implement its plans. Smoking – an addiction, not just a habit, not only psychological but also physical. Methods to quit smoking knows only 2 – through force of will and with the use of compensating nicotine gum or patches hunger. In the second case, the load on the body is less, but psychological dependence on cigarettes in this case is, delivering tangible difficulties quit smoking.

So is there a more simple method to quit smoking? To date, there were electronic cigarettes imperium, which became a boon for smokers, they can help easily and comfortably, or continue to smoke without harming others and to himself, or quit smoking forever. The electronic cigarette looks virtually the same as usual, but affects one hundred percent on a different principle. In an electric cigarette is not burning, but the pleasure of smoking transmitted completely. The most positive comments made by those who have already tried the e-cigarette, because the odor from smoking completely absent, and a set of accompanying electronic cigarette cartridge allows choose different flavors. The question of where to buy e-cigarette, easily solved with the help of our shop, in the range of which are available not only different elektrosigarety, including electronic cigarette mini, but electronic cigars of different brands. Available electronic cigarettes Muscovites and residents of the Russian Federation. Moscow on delivery of electronic cigarettes made directly to our store, and residents have the opportunity to the subjects of the Russian Federation electronic cigarettes to get the mail.

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