Implant – a specially made, and in a certain way crafted titanium rod, which is injected into the jaw bone. This rod, in the future, serves as a basis for setting crown. Implantation creates feature: 1. restore the lost tooth without obtachivaya neighboring defect teeth 2. use in prosthetics lost tooth or teeth fixed prosthesis use of modern technologies in the hands of a professional and patient compliance with directions of the doctor can achieve engraftment of the implant in 96% of cases. This operation is performed under local anesthesia, when the jawbone introduced titanium designs (Implants).

Manipulation is the time for about an hour. After the procedure, after a certain period of time (3-6 months) required for engraftment of implants, manufactured and installed dentures. For the period engraftment can be made temporary prostheses. Prior to the implantation and prosthesis in most cases requires hygienic preparation and sanitation of the oral cavity, X-ray examination. Physio-implantologist carefully hold the clinical examination, study all the attendant diseases, if necessary, appoint additional examination and diagnosis. Planning accuracy in each case is the basis long-term success of the treatment of teeth. In this case, the doctor should rule out contraindications, exhaustively explain the patient the planned activities. Further, our doctors will teach you to properly care for new teeth, select the right tool for oral hygiene rta.My will be glad to offer you a free consultation. If you intend to apply to our clinic, it is desirable to take to the doctor a picture of "all teeth" or ortopantomogrammu, which is necessary for the planning of implantation. Details at:

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Symptoms And Treatment Bronchitis

Bronchitis Bronchitis – an inflammatory disease of the airways (bronchi) with lesions of the mucosa. Bronchitis is the most common disease of the respiratory system. Along with him, and often affects the upper respiratory tract. Usually the cause of bronchitis is a virus or any bacteria. A common cause of bronchitis is smoking. There are acute and chronic bronchitis. Acute bronchitis is usually a result of infection of the upper respiratory complications or cold. During the period of acute bronchitis, bronchial mucous membranes swell and their blood vessels to dilate and fill with blood, there is a fluid, comprising epithelial cells lining membranes and blood elements such as leukocytes and erythrocytes.

Ends acute bronchitis is usually a full recovery, restore function of bronchi, as well as their structure. Chronic bronchitis is much more serious disease, the main cause of its development is smoking and frequent respiratory tract infections. Symptoms of bronchitis most frequent symptoms of acute bronchitis – general weakness, chills, and sometimes fever and chief way is not without coughing. Acute bronchitis is often preceded by upper respiratory catarrh. Cough – dry at first, sometimes difficult to separate sputum, which later becomes mucopurulent. The same symptoms usually observed in exacerbations of chronic bronchitis. As a consequence of developing bronchitis, shortness of breath may occur, increased heart rate due to dysfunction of the respiratory and circulatory. The main symptoms of acute Bronchitis is usually present from several days to 3 weeks.

Symptoms of chronic bronchitis may be present over a year. Bronchitis Treatment Bronchitis Treatment should begin with eliminating the causes contributing to its development. Patients are encouraged to get plenty of rest and drink plenty of warm water does not contain caffeine. Better if it will be warm tea with honey or raspberry, as well as juices and plain water. During the airway inflammation often there is inflammation of the pharynx, it is recommended to eat soft, not sharp, not irritating foods. To be effective treatment for bronchitis, smokers are urged to reduce the number of cigarettes.

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