Return Way

13 ways to scare the faithful man of her dreams (or something not like men when meeting with a girl) 1.Toska eyes. Facial expression: 'Wider universe grief-moe' not attract you muzhchinu.Spokoynoe expression of joy and a ray eyes, that's what you need! Smile, life is beautiful! You most like sad mood, without people? 2.Zapah. There are two extremes: the smell of sweat and a strong smell of perfume. About the first option, I think a lot of talk does not need the smell of sweat does not make appeal. Use a mild perfume leaves a trail of light only, and, of course, better not to use the least expensive perfume. You attract the very masculine cologne smell good? 3.Povedenie.

Often you can see how a woman behaves too provocatively (in fact, hiding his lack of confidence), or, even worse, the behavior you vulgarno.Takim prityanesh just like a man, or one-time appointment. The second side the coin-super stesnitelnost.Rezultat same as in the first case. Men like confident women! What do you really want to show by their behavior? 4.Odezhda. Find your style, then that is personally and tebe.Zhenstvennost seksualnost.Ne necessarily easy it must be expensive branded clothes veschi.Podbiray to things as combined with each other. You agree that you can be dressed in brand-name stuff, but look messy? 5.Razgovory.

Discussions on the theme: 'no money', 'my illness',' my complaint ',' my discontent ',' life is terrible ',' men are goats, "etc. not lead to the desired result. Ask questions, genuinely interested conversationalist.

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Oleg Itsekson

Only occasionally, he finds a strange feeling, like an echo of waking – and he looks in amazement at the screen … to get back under drip. The way we live scattered in separate chambers of the world of improvised ‘field hospital, where doctors politicians prefer to ignore the illnesses from which they have no medicines. – Who said: ‘operation’? Never utter the word, and not incur trouble! Hold on to the last! If the awakening of my friend did not end so quickly, I would have given him to read books of Kabbalists, who write that in the 21st Century screens the world will end. Today we face a qualitatively different problems that can not be solved either singly or little groups. They are global, and to cope with them can only be together. For this purpose we have to get out from behind the screen each other halfway. We really do incur the misery, because finally forgotten what mutual support, mutual understanding.

Bound single-chain, we stand side by side with an independent air, each on its own. Of course, any trouble for us is global: a dump – all fall. This is the Kabbalistic mechanics of our rotten relationship. Meanwhile, the law of development, which manages the humanity requires us to unity. Why? Because we are already beginning to understand what it is. So parents increase the demands on children as they grow older.

Everyone went through it: yesterday you threw the toy across the room and rolled his scandals, but now suddenly found himself with other children and is forced to get along with them. Of course, we can not children, and therefore get along with each other, we need to volunteer. But we should not deceive ourselves: the law of inexorable, and it increases pressure on the eyes. Our choose not to join, and to unite right now, without waiting for dramatic effects. All of this, I would say to his friend, but could not – and now I tell you, in the hope that the screen does not stifle my voice. Like a little boy, to which finally reached the obvious, I appeal to his comrades: – not apart! We need to be together! And I hope to hear in answer: – What do you think?

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