If If it was not the clarity of the light If it was not the brightness of the moon If it was not the blackout of the night If it was not the negritude of the street If it was not the racket I silence of it If he was not so deafening If it was not the sound of your shout If it was not your shout of pain If it was not what it is written If was not the writing and dom If was not dom of the goodness If was not the goodness in the tone If you were not levitando If it was not the slightness of the life If it was not the life leading If he was not to close of the wound If you were not I you would be If I was not my choice If it was not all ventania If it was not the flower or the leaf If was not the flower in the garden If it was not all your perfume If you were not all pr me If it was not all this complaint

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Easy Recipes

Today I bring you this delicious and easy recipe of vanilla with oranges and tangerines Semifreddo, an excellent choice for learning to cook recipes easy and enjoy with the whole family. This recipe is for 4 people. Ingredients for the recipe of vanilla with oranges and tangerines Semifreddo: 1/3 cup melted butter 1 and 1/2 cups crushed vanilla crackers 1 tablespoon ground ginger 1/2 liter of vanilla ice cream soft 1 cup cream cheese 2 cups of Tangerine and orange wedges to serve 1 cup orange Marmalade wafers vanilla preparation of the recipe of vanilla with oranges and tangerines Semifreddo: We ready a refractory median and high paper aluminum leaving the paper exit mould to be able to cover it. Blend cookies, mix with the ginger powder and melted butter, and put them at the bottom of the refractory. We took it to the freezer. Once firm, we add the segments of Orange and Tangerine, then we return to the freezer. In a cold Bowl mix the soft ice cream and cream cheese until well incorporated.

We get the refractory mould and add the ice cream and cream cheese mixture. Remove from the freezer and unmold the semifreddo. We accompany with orange Marmalade and wafers vanilla Semifreddo recipes are some of my favorites, I invite you to visit my recipe and enjoy delicious recipes easy as the of vanilla ice cream and many more easy dessert recipes.

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The Journey

If he cares about the appearance of your boat, you must obtain patches that are the same color. A thick sewing needle. Six yards of 3 or 5 threads polyester cord. An additional tube of contact adhesive. Two simple knife.

Six brushes. A thick tip marker. An additional diaphragm to the valve (if your boat needs it). Spare parts for small parts that may lose or break in the journey. These articles constitute an emergency kit that should carry everywhere with your inflatable boat. A typical repair small if unlucky enough to find a leak in your inflatable boat, you must perform one minor repair so that your boat does not deflate or sinking. First thing you should do is to land as soon as possible. While leaks are generally small and insignificant, do not run the risk of one higher perforation that can deflate the boat suddenly.

Once it has reached the shore, let the pot dry, because the surfaces around the affected area must be dry to patch them correctly. Deflate the affected part, at the same time, so is easier to apply the patch and this proves most effective. Once dry the dry, apply patch is relatively a process simple. Your emergency kit should include a sandpaper or a stone for filing, you should use for smoothing the areas around the filtration and the bottom of the patch which will apply. This will allow that the glue will have a better grip and prevent it disengages when you return to take the boat to the water. Place the patch over the filtration, ensuring adequate clearance of the patch on the same filtration so that it is safe, and mark the position of the patch with a marker. Apply glue to the patch and the area where it will go, then press the patch firmly. Give the glue time to dry, and has already been completed. Then you are ready to return to your travel before being interrupted by this detail.

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Dealing with Pain

Pain – is in our world reaction to any problems in it, a signal of the body in human consciousness about any malfunctions in the body, pain warns of the dangers (to draw back the hand), the pain forced to move close or leave, change properties, change the view to understand the cause of pain, draw conclusions and move to new states. This is the only force of impact to our selfishness. The pain from that bad to me, from what poorly to others, what a good friend. Pain pushes from behind and forced to evolve. Pain sensation of emptiness pulls forward to filling. In all – just a pain? All sensations – from a collision, contact, pressure – that is, in general, from pain.

Delight is felt only on the preliminary pain unfilled desires, sufferings, and expectations. Just coming out of the selfishness of the Machsom, rising above it, we realize that we can not exist based on the lack, not out of places without – and full of filling of fullness, not based on pain, but out of sovershestva, not from want by doing something, but out of love, nothing needing. This is a very different existence, a different attitude to the world to the people to themselves, and, of course, to the Creator, who was then revealed and as we become perfect as He is. Kabbalah, Science and the Meaning of Life

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