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Even the best phone with low-radiation SAR values should be transformed effectively energetically. Vital product for protection against microwave radiation, cell phone radiation, cell phone radiation. Regardless of harmful biological effects controversial in public of prepared food in a microwave oven and the related destruction of the nutritional value of food, the microwave radiation can entail negative effects on the well-being and health of the people. When assessing the microwave radiation with common sense, it is understandable that the microwave radiation directly to the ear may be not safe for most people. Science is now largely agree that the microwave might jeopardize the health of the people.

According to the latest of science, the health burden caused by the cell phone radiation are uncontroversial. The ultimate impact on the health and the limits of harmful cell phone radiation and cell phone radiation are controversial. The limits are globally defined, and are also locally still times significantly reduced by many countries. In case of use of a cell phone can cause a warming of the ear and brain. Because like in warming the food in the microwave, the human body is heated by the microwave radiation of mobile phones. The question is: how momentous is our brains warmed up by the cell phone radiation, cell communication disrupted and damaged the DNA? There are now many studies and research results about the cell phone radiation. But it lacks even the long-term studies to scientifically clearly demonstrate the dangers of cell phone radiation. Many insurance companies, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Federal Office for radiation protection (BfS) a rethinking takes place at the moment. First warnings about cell phone radiation and tips for reducing the radiation exposure were already being pronounced. Because of possible health effects of mobile phone radiation, the mobile phone masts and the UMTS transmitters, the effects on health are hardly still available.

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Cellulite Gel

The main weapons complex 'DNActive' – derinat sodium (DNA) – is the sodium salt, crushed to the size of molecule. Due to the small size, it falls into the same cell nucleus and powerfully activates its immune system. The cell itself gets rid of the alien to her cellulite fat. And at the empty place other status; Achieving effectiveness complex 'DNActive' Argan oil, Cosmacol (ether fruit acids) and quince seed extract provide an ideal breeding ground for the growth and proliferation of new, already healthy cells. It does not matter how old you are and what you build.

Each one of you – a real beauty! The main thing is to find the mysterious 'key' to their uniqueness. One of the best assistants in the search – 'Anti-cellulite program' from cosmetics to body 'Gloris'. 'Scrub tela's complex' DNActive '. Nut shells, olive oil, peanut, rose hips and sea buckthorn provide gentle exfoliation of old cells. The complex of hydroxy acids (lactic, citric, salitsinovoy) strengthen the walls of blood vessels, enhancing blood circulation and lymph flow, will effect a light massage.

After applying the scrub you will feel an amazing lightness of updates, and your skin will be brought to full combat readiness to the effects of other means of care. 'Anti-Cellulite Gel' to the complex 'DNActive'. Has directed action on cellulite. Effectiveness of its main constituent 'DNActive' tenfold increase: aminofilin, coffee extracts, kelp, berries dentate California palm trees, horse chestnut tincture of red pepper, wheat germ oil. They stimulate metabolism, deduce the excess fluid and toxins that prevent the accumulation of fat, improve skin tone and vascular soften and soothe the epidermis, giving it elasticity.

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Chevrel book 'The Science of Color' provided them with invaluable assistance in thinking about the expansion of color. Based on the achievements of Impressionism, Cezanne (1839-1906) logically come to their new color system construction paintings. He wanted to make of impressionism something 'solid', which should form the basis of color and formal patterns of his paintings. Hoping to come to a new rhythmic and formal constructions, Cezanne used the developed by the pointillist technique of separation for color modulation of the entire surface of the paintings. Under color modulation he understood it transitions from cold to warm, from light to dark or dim (deaf) to the luminous.

Subjecting the solution to this principle throughout the picture plane, he reached their new sound, impressive vitality. Titian and Rembrandt have used a color modulation only in the depiction of persons and human figures. Cezanne also worked through the whole picture in its formal, rhythmic and chromatic unity. In his still lifes 'Apples and oranges' is a new unity is extremely obvious. Cezanne sought to recreate nature on a higher level.

For this, he first used the effects of contrasts of cold and warm tones that give a feeling of light airiness. Cezanne, Bonnard and after him, painted entirely built on contrasts of cool and warm tones. Henri Matisse (1869-1 954) refused to color modulations and turned to an impressively simple and bright color planes, placing them in a heartfelt subjective equilibrium with respect to each other. Together with Braque, Derain, Vlaminck he belonged to the Parisian group 'Wild'.

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