Lyudmila Kovtyuh

pcr negative response when an obvious clinical picture is also likely. For example, the dna of the pathogen in the plasma is, but he just did not get into the blood for analysis. Aerobatics immunological studies – the analysis of the level of autoantibodies. Our body synthesizes antibodies against its own proteins, and they are a kind of "markers" the approaching illness. "The function of immune system – to deal with strangers – says Lyudmila Kovtyuh, medical director of the Institute of Biological Medicine. – But sometimes it starts to behave aggressively towards own tissues. For example, in the event that these cells changed as a result of viral illnesses and are perceived as being alien. " Finding their thanks to the analysis, we can diagnose the disease at the earliest stages, when an organ has almost healthy.

And even make a prediction, exposing you in the future, diabetes, cholecystitis, or peptic ulcer. Important! Viruses and bacteria – a great multitude, and such analysis is usually made only on the the most common. "Exotic" agents are looking for rare. When to do it. When you are planning a pregnancy, the whole range of immunological assays is required. And as for the expectant mother and for father.

pcr is one of the best ways to diagnose diseases, sexually transmitted infections. And – to evaluate the immune response against these infections. Cost: comprehensive assessment of immune status – from 1500 rubles per pcr variation of the virus – from 200 rubles, the identification of antibodies to a variety of the virus – from 300 to 600 rubles.

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Interior Design

Aniba design is an online shop with designer furniture for the garden and the living facilities of the Aniba design company was founded in 2008. Currently the company belongs to the leading companies in the wholesale business for design products. A wide range of individual garden furniture is available for garden equipment and for the interior design. Nowadays, garden lighting are beautifying articles for garden design. Buddha images are among the most popular equipment furniture for the Gartendeko. High quality rattan furniture such as poly rattan tables, rattan chairs and poly rattan chairs feature a luxury design for landscaped gardens. In the summer, the gas grills provide a beautiful garden experience. Thus, a barbecue in the garden is nothing more in the way.

The umbrellas and light screens might help. The decorations can still planters and flower vases. They wear a lot to beautify the garden contribute. Aniba design also refers to the decoration of residential design. Chandeliers, wall lamps and floor lamps provide for a beautiful appearance of the housing. The infrared cabins and saunas are ideal for a comfortable wellness and relaxation.

For the winter cold is an Ethanolofen ideal. He beautified the residential facilities and pleasant warmth. The product range includes also furniture for bathroom, kitchen and living room. The company has set up a call-centre. The hotline 9: 00-18:00 available is for the service. It is open to all questions and suggestions. The online shop of Aniba is awarded by trusted shop. The company supports all secure payment methods. Everyone can pay comfortably with PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, GiroPay, cash in advance or cash on pickup. Anita Balint, 20.01.2011

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Managing Director

Lifestyle for interior design, hotel bathrooms and exclusive bathroom demand exceeds expectations: rapid start for bathroom design is not equal to bathroom design. Because the right bathroom styling contributes significantly to wellness, relaxation and tranquillity. Bad Honnef close to Cologne/Bonn, 12.01.11 Launch of online projects: the company bathroom & Spa.ce design by Torsten Muller launched a new Internet presence on and is available around the clock to provide customers and prospects with more service. “You can read all the trendy range of bath & Spa.ce-design by Torsten Muller here: repeat the mistakes” is one of the principles of the company bathroom & Spa.ce-design by Torsten Muller. Rather, the innovative company focused on the experiences of independent specialists.

Valuable experience be purchased third-party by these experts. Result: The project development times and significantly reduced and customers and users can draw significant benefits from this. So can the newly developed online service bathroom is not equal Bathroom. Because the right bathroom styling contributes decisively relaxation and tranquility for wellness, due to lighting design for modern bathroom architecture, exclusive bathrooms and bath ideas points. Meanwhile, additional enhancements have been made, which make even easier and more attractive offering online. More services such as specific customer advice and free hotline now also includes the standard and the new information service. With this service offensive, the bath & Spa.ce-design has by Torsten Muller since the launch not equals from bathroom bathroom. Because the right bathroom styling plays a crucial role for wellness, relaxation and tranquillity with their customer number nearly doubled.

Dornbracht Elemental Spa the power of water and natural materials “A part of that work is done, but now goes it really.”, commented the Torsten Muller on the occasion of the opening. At the same time, Managing Director referred to the special characteristics of the new development. So could the modern and communicative company set a new standard. The bath & Spa.ce-design by Torsten Muller thus their successful development continues, the them since 1994, the year of Foundation of the company, has never left. Rightly, bathroom & Spa.ce design will be established as one of the most renowned representatives of Interior design by Torsten Muller. The company owes it but also its employees in Germany and abroad. Contact details and further information: Bath & Spa.ce-design by Torsten Muller kirchstrasse 3a 5304 Bad Honnef nearby Cologne/Bonn phone: + 492224 919121 email: Internet:

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