Elevated Carbon Dioxide Levels

All know the feeling stuffy in the room during the meeting and the symptoms associated with it, ie, fatigue, sleepiness, irritability, difficulty concentrating. Not enough oxygen, we say in this case. However, as shown by recent studies of foreign scientists, the reason is not a lack of oxygen. Blame the excess carbon dioxide that each of us breathes 18 to 26 liters per hour. In large cities with lots of vehicle ventilation system instead of cleaning the air supplied to the premises themselves air from the street rich with carbon dioxide.

What is dangerous carbon dioxide? Scientists have come to quite unexpected conclusions. Even in relatively low concentrations of this gas is toxic and its 'toxicity' is close to nitrogen dioxide, which can lead to disease of blood, cardiovascular system, hypertension, chronic fatigue, etc. Clean Air for city contains about 0.04 percent carbon dioxide. Until recently, the U.S. and Europe, it was thought that this gas is dangerous to humans only in high concentrations. Recently, however, began to study how it influences people in concentrations higher than 0.1 percent. It turned out, if the carbon dioxide content in the room above this level, then people get headaches, increased fatigue, suffering from the nasopharynx and respiratory tract in patients frequent asthma attacks. Scientists have found that office workers, in which elevated levels of carbon dioxide, efficiency and concentration may be reduced by one third or more, they make many mistakes, and more suffer from apathy and depression, and students of schools in similar circumstances, ill learn new stuff and get sick more often.

The most vulnerable to the negative effects of carbon dioxide in the room the children who are sick, allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases. In the kindergarten level of carbon dioxide is particularly strong can be upgraded in the bedrooms. where children are during daytime sleep. In a classroom where children are over 45 minutes, the levels of CO2 may increase several times by the end of the lesson. Carbon dioxide negatively affects a child's ability to perceive the material. The ability to concentrate may be reduced by 30% if CO2 level reaches 1000rrm. In studies conducted in Europe and the U.S. found that elevated carbon dioxide levels in the classroom leads to reduced attention to schoolchildren in poor performance, as well as increase number of passes on the lessons of the disease. The fact that our children are breathing high levels of carbon dioxide in the room and raised on the street, can adversely affect their circulatory system, immune system, which can eventually lead to irreversible changes in the body and to chronic diseases. Can not accidentally chronic respiratory diseases among children in Moscow the first place. Finnish scientists have found a way to solve this problem based on the axiom that if the nature of the carbon dioxide level is 0,035-0,04%, then the premises must be close to this level. They invented air cleaner removes excess air space carbon dioxide. The principle is based on the absorbance (absorption) of carbon dioxide a special substance.

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