Action Ointment

Also, regularly lubricate your hands and massage – in the palms and fingers are a huge number of biologically active points used in acupuncture to treat and prevent diseases. And even without the cream or ointment simple hand massage and clicking on the points will give a certain effect. Self-massage of hands can be done easily while standing in traffic jams or being in public transport, the receptionist at the head or sitting in front of the TV. Also, many points are on feet. It would be wonderful if you and your wife or girlfriend in turn agree to make each other foot massage. It is not only practical, but also romantic.

Be sure to massage should be done with a cream or ointment, at least own cooking. That's not bad recipe that I use. I take the color of chestnuts, a little St. John's wort, poplar buds. All of this pour deodorized sunflower oil or olive. Add? a few drops of pine oil. Insist on three or four weeks.

As needed portion – cast straining. Great tool set. By the way they not only can be used after shaving or massage, but also use for medicinal purposes for prostate, rubbing the ointment in the crotch. Good idea to add partitions and ground walnuts in a coffee grinder pollen. The tool has a pronounced anti-inflammatory properties and helps in the complex treatment. I would also like to note that through the skin and fall as helpful and harmful substances. It is very easy to cause seemingly unexplainable internal organ, to use various healing ointments without synthetic physician's recommendation (against fungi, allergies, scabies, etc.). The active ingredients? through the pores and enter the body through the bloodstream to spread to internal organs. On this principle the action of toxic substances, such as mass application, and individual use, which are still in the arsenal of intelligence world, killers and terrorists. Can such a poison to impregnate the surface of the table for which a person is sitting in the summer with short sleeves. And then the client will be bent in the fall of the rapidly cirrhosis of the liver or sudden swelling, or stroke. And no one would guess that the cause of death was not natural. But this is a joke! But seriously, even to own cooking oil must be very careful. For example, in St. John's wort contains alkaloids dangerous to the liver. Therefore, an ointment with St. John's wort should be changed periodically. True, the color of chestnut pollen, poplar buds, oil is absolutely harmless and can be used absolutely no fear for his health.

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