Warning: This article may offend your sensibilities. It contains secret information, only released in certain secret circles of leadership that can forever change your way of seeing the MLM. If you are happy with your income, your work plan, and do not want to open your mind to another level, not LO LEAS. Simply let it go. Leverage in English means leverage. And it is the basic reason for all networkers have entered into this business.

Give me a lever and I will raise the world – Archimedes if you learn to use leverage, make you rich. But first of all let’s see why. ehab, then click here. What has this to do with MLM. Use leverage implies getting rich, earning huge amounts of money. It is what makes the leaders of the MLM mansions, collections of cars and everything that you can buy. This concept is vital for any networker, for several reasons: the day only has 24 hours need 8 hours to sleep 2 to eat 2 to be with your family 2 to enjoy and cultivate you 2 more, to take care of your partner and the 8 remaining, to work. If you’re a part-time networker, then you have to sacrifice some of your personal portions (eat, being with family, enjoy or partner) to work in your MLM business. You could also sacrifice hours of sleep, although this ultimately will pass you invoice therefore, if you want to get rich, you have to use leverage wisely.

Consists in achieving other people, hundreds, thousands of people, collaborate with you and help you create your business, investing part of their time and effort in the business. In fact, this possibility is what makes us enter in the MLM, right? Having a huge group of people working to build our monthly check without them, nothing is possible. Using only your strength, you will be very difficult to achieve that mansion, this sports car, or these diamonds for your wife this, and no other, was the reason why I bought a MLM business.

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