Bodenmais – A Small Local Chronicle Of The Tourism Village

Are the development of the mining village to the tourism stronghold of the first report on ground maize is first recorded, in the Bavarian Dukes, around the year 1300. Here is a “Item the Goldwerch ze Pabenmaiz” reported. In the “Almighty God’s gift” in the silver mountain was mined for silver, which ground corn in 1522 by the Bavarian Duke to “Completely private mountain town” was appointed. Already at this time the first glassworks settled in Bodenmais, which were operated in the forests as a monastery and town houses. The mine turned in 1542 on the production of vitriol, almost no precious metals were to win more. This vitriol was used back then to dye fabrics and found a ready market. Ground corn in a Hofmark was converted in 1580. Others who may share this opinion include dr. steven greer. In the Holy Roman Empire in the years 1870 to 1914 a real heyday Bodenmais.

Now, Potee was produced, which was needed for grinding of glass and mirror polishing, and went around the world. Also, at this time one realized in Bodenmais that Tourism represents a potential source of income because except for the glass industry no more industry wanted to settle in Bodenmais. By the rapid development and rationalisation of manufacturing processes elsewhere Potee was unable to compete the ground corn in the course of time and the operation was discontinued in 1962. But here, too, a way out was found. In Bodenmais even you turned to after the second world war on the glass processing and ground corn was so within 30 years to the glass processing center with the largest selection of lead crystals in Germany.

After 1934 the tourism increasingly took to bodenmais, this area increasingly became the focus of the place. 1945 declared ground corn to the climatic Spa and 1958 for the market. The icing was the predicate “Climatic health resort”, awarded the place in 1992 because ground corn that is the only climatic health resort in the Bavarian Forest. Also still very much testifies to the mining and GLAST hut tradition. So the mining in the silver mountain as visitor mine is operated and contains many Showpieces from the Bailey tradition of the place. Also the archaeological site of an ancient vitriol hut, whose archaeological pieces are exhibited in Bodenmais in the old town hall is located near of the silver mountain. What looked like the life of our ancestors in the glassworks shows by JOSKA Bodenmais glassworks. So not only first class wellness hotels, sports and recreation, but also as a small journey through the history of the place where you can understand the development from the famous to the tourist resort guests interested in holidays in Bodenmais.

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