Company Confirmation

Print confirmation of your booking if you rent a car online, most of the times will receive a confirmation email, that includes all the necessary details about your reservation. Verify that all the confirmation details are correct. Print the confirmation and to the car rental company when you pick up the vehicle. Some car rental companies may apply a rate of pay if don’t have written confirmation. Check the rental contract carefully check the rental agreement to make sure that you are paying the price correctly and kindof reserved vehicle.

Also comprueberque the dates and time of pick up and delivery they are correct. Check the vehicle for damages and perjuiciosUna time you collect alquileren car Mallorca airport, you should do a quick check of the damages. If you detect any important thing must inform the company of rent before you leave, so you will not have to be penalized for damages you not caused. Consider the coverage of the seguroLa rental in Mallorca company can offer all types of contracts for the insurance coverage for damage to the rental car. Check well this service before paying at the counter of the rental agency. Check the politics of gasoline when you collect the car make sure that you understand policy of gasoline for the car rental companies. Some providers charge a full deposit in advance, others charge the fuel used when you return the vehicle.

If you have to pay the fuel before returning the car be sure to deliver the gasoline tank as empty as possible, since the bolt of these companies will not pay its customers unused gasoline. Bring back the vehicle at tiempoSi returns your car rental in Mallorca airport with delay, car rental company may charge you an extra of one day’s rental. Also, clarify the procedure of returning the car and extra charges you have to pay them in the event you return the car outside office hours. If you follow these tips, you can help you avoid a bad experience in the rental of your vehicle and will help you to save time and money.

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