Dental Surgeons

We can evaluate anatomical parameters, such as available bone, relation between cortical the bone and trabeculado, degree of ssea mineralizao and degree of precision to locate vital anatomical structures. In 1962, the International Commission of Measures and Radiological Units the types of section techniques of the body adopted the term Cat scan to describe all. Later, during the Annual Congress of the British Institute of Radiology, in April of 1972, Godfrey. N. Hounsfield, researcher and scientist of EMI LTDA, in England, presented revolutionary technique of the image which called Axial Computed Transverse Scanning; for which it received the prize Nobel in Physiology and Medicine in 1979, together with the naturalized South African American, physical Allan McLeod Cormack, which developed in 1956 the theory and the mathematics of as multiple projected rays on the body, in different angles, but in an only plan, would supply a better image of what the only beams, used in the x-ray. Its works had been published in the Journal of Applied Physics, 1963 and 1964. Being this a physics periodical, was not read for radiologist, and Hounsfield developed the theory independently and constructed the device (OLIVEIRA SON, 2001). In the past, the treatment of the dental implantation was dominated for the specialist in surgery, only based on clinical guides, the Surgeon Dentist received limited information from the areas of the implantations.

The professional one was forced to take surgical decisions without a precision guide, therefore the clinical information were deficient compromising the localization of the implantation and its axial position. Frequent, the final position of teeth was incompatible to the rank of the implantation. The Surgeon Dentist and the technician of laboratory were obliged to construct one in such a way prtese final deficient in the form as in the function due to position of the implantation. The use of the Cat scan Computerized with three-dimensional reconstitution modified the boarding of diagnosis and treatment of implantation (NEVINS & MELLONIG, 1998).

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