Diagnostic Aspects

The process of clinical diagnosis of the mental upheavals it is carried through through anamnese detailed, antecedent familiar staffs and, physical and psychic examination of the individual. Complementary examinations also assist the diagnosis, having to be requested in accordance with the necessity. In the examination process, the connoisseur will have to answer some habitually requested questions for the parts, as: ‘ ‘ if the fact for which if demand it left sequels in the psiquismo of the author; in this in case that, description of the same ones; degree and percentage of the emergent incapacity; necessity and type of treatment; cost of the same; prognstico’ ‘ (MIOTTO, apud GOMES and COLS, 1998, p.20). CLASSIFICATION OF THE DEGREES OF PSYCHIC DAMAGE It has led: it does not compromise the relation life substantially? Moderate: persistent acentuao of the previous characteristics of personality and necessity of not inferior treatment to one year.

Serious: characteristic of irreversibilidade of the psicopatolgico picture that inhibits the adaptation marcadamente. How much to the damage, we must take in consideration the time of installation, the physical and psychic comprometimento, the removal of the work and instituted the psychiatric and/or psychological treatment. FINAL CONSIDERAES One gives credit that Pain and suffering and Psychic still is subjects in the life of the worker who causes them constaint and apreeno. The statisticians affirm the significance of quantitative of workers acometidos for these damages and that not even they know what this means, as they must proceed and what they will be able to wait of compensation. Being thus the present article she has as priority, to bring a bigger exclarecimento to the professionals of the area of Health of the Worker and Human resources, how much to the meaning of some pertinent concepts to the boarded subject, for bigger vizibilidade of professional and half action of studies and consultations.

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