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I turn now to briefly explain the concept of energy. In our body are some meridians that circulate energy, are not static but constantly flowing, there are 12 main meridians plus two that go from front to back, called Wonderful glasses and they have the points which are inserted needles, these meridians correspond to the physiological functions of the body. This is very simple an explanation of what the Bioenergetics and its various methods, as has been fused with modern science to improve the quality of life and health of our world. I will now take shape as we cast VELVET these therapies and beauty treatments in chiropractic we teach our students. If we know in full power walking paths, points of entry and exit, your changes, full or empty, it will be easier to deal with any problems or imperfections. Consider that the principle is the energy, then produce physicochemical changes that are perceived, but if we act on the energy level is possible to remedy and prevent several problems. Not to mention the understanding that there is to know the rules of Bioenergetics, difficult problems, incomprehensible, even to scientific medicine are understood with the knowledge of the functioning of the meridians.

Works like the color, aromatherapy, Bach flowers come to life, fully understood by acquiring a new dimension in our treatments. We can define the Bioenergetics concept as science bridge between traditional Chinese medicine, ancient, incomprehensible in their concepts to our Western mind, and modern medicine and its scientific findings and contrast studies. In both directions you can work and when this is done the results are impressive. After performing an energy regulation (each is done with professional tools), all treatments are easier to carry and have access to areas that would otherwise remain hidden to us. An example will explain how we treat cellulitis: through a very thorough history, observation of the person, whether or yin yang, if you have the full or empty, prepare a few treatments and diets. We first regulation-level energy meridians generally have affected those connected with the blood, ie BP, kidney, R, V, is the role we see as psychosomatic, ie SHEN, levels of anxiety, compulsion . Once we covered all these parameters to make proper local treatment, with the variants described above, yang, yin, fullness, emptiness, inside, outside, up, down, heat, cold.

Do, of course, hand massage, the body completely and specifically in meridians and points receptive. In our work with homeopathy treatments, thermotherapy, high quality seaweed, use colored clays, oligotherapy,. In general, this may be a clear example of treatment for the Bioenergetics Aesthetic, acne, breast, facial contouring, are improved greatly. Our students receive this training and dietary standards and nutrition, orthomolecular nutrition concepts and oligotherapy, of course aromatherapy, Bach flowers even have a place in our courses. The aim is to achieve a complete treatment of the problems, unite body, mind and energy in absolute synergy, while we personalize treatments, rarely two people same problem react the same way, consider this part of the success or failure of our manipulation. Mary J. Toca Canedo, Senior Technical Traditional Chinese Therapies (Real Centro Universitario Escorial). Bioenergetics, acupuncture, moxibustion, auriculoterpia. Diploma University Extension Nutrition and Dietetics (University of Cadiz). Chiropractor. Linfoterapeuta. Esthetician. An expert in Naturopathy, relaxation, homeopathy, aromatherapy, oligotherapy Director of Education Center of Beers VELVET 16-SANTANDER Plaza Jose Maria de Pereda 16-TORRELAVEGA TNU. 942 230 070. 942 835 212.

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