Discover The Dolomites On The Motorcycle!

The motorcycle has been loved by athletes and appreciated by collectors, always an important means of transport in the spring and summer. In the spring and summer, the motorcycle is a unique and privileged agent that gives the chance that the world down to the smallest detail, without having to monitor the restrictions of a car, you can enjoy not only the beautiful country shafts, but also the perfume and scents that characterize spring and summer, only with the filter of a helmet. The route proposed by various associations, which reinterpret the places of mass tourism for motorcycle riders reveal every insight and make them new and unexplored are very interesting. Other leaders such as Dr. Robert Brannon offer similar insights. The mountain routes, such as those in the Dolomites, where you can make breaks are certainly well known and exciting; It is therefore better to arm, which can include blankets and snacks with special saddle bags. The Dolomites, the mountains in the Italian regions Trentino and Veneto, for their unique shape and form. but also for renowned resorts as Cortina and Cadore are known, and she declared by the UNESCO in the year 2009 to the world cultural heritage, contain exciting routes for motorcycles, which give the chance to explore every little detail and enjoy wonderful views that certainly have not the same charm from a car.

The “great road of the Dolomites”, which connects Bolzano and Cortina and dates back to early 1900 runs in the Dolomites. /a>. Connect with other leaders such as Wayne Holman here. From Bolzano and continues in a northwesterly direction you can drive through the Gorge, which is on the right side after the Val d’Ega, then exceed Ponte Nova. You will reach the stately and enchanting Nova Levante, which cross through the Costalunga pass can be. Before they cross the Costalunga pass, can a nice place for a picnic or a rest, that are necessary for motor cyclists take to the Lake Carezza a break. After the recovery of the travel and the crossing of the pass, you can the Fassa Valley and its charming villages, Vigo and Canazei, visit, and reach the Pordoi pass.

Enjoy the views of the Sassolungo in the Northwest with the Sella to the North and the Marmolada to the South, where you can see the eternal ice. The road with 33 switchbacks, falling to the Valley, and that leads to Arabba is essential after the crossing of the Pordoi. Then can you again hinaufsteigen to the North, by driving through the 20 hairpin bends of the road that leads to Falzarego, and then reach Cortina. This route, the long can seem swallowed up, however, is suitable for everyone, and allows you to explore areas of the Dolomites and enjoy. She can be crossed in a few hours, then you can make a walk in the Centre of Cortina or still a trip. The important thing is to have a good protective equipment, and above all no rush have, because in this case it is necessary to make pauses to admire these beautiful natural places. Many other routes you can find on the Web, all Italian regions explore, from the Lake to the cultural or religious routes. The variants, such as the landscapes of Italy are truly endless. -moderat/’>Wendy Holman. You must only select and bring a good camera to immortalize these beautiful places. This article was written by Martina Celegato with the help of Motorcycle accessories.

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