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Last station and one of the highlights of the hike was the zero-emission community Nalbach, where eco hairdresser Peter Lehnert presented his pioneering work in environmentally friendly hair cosmetics, which was supported by the DBU. Patrik Lauer, Mayor of the municipality of Nalbach presented the concept of zero-emission community and is the questions of interested and knowledgeable hikers. At the invitation of the municipality of Nalbach, the bio-Caterin Stephanie Schwed in the cafeteria of the new elementary school served a wholesome and easy organic lunch. The Prims over the route of a possible new Prim trail one emigrated to the organic farmers Sabine and and Mathias Paul, who presented their work and their organic farm with the accompanying farm shop. “On the award-winning and one of the most beautiful German Premiumwanderwegen of the Litermontgipfeltour” the group, which was led by Peter Lehnert to Beckingen wandered. But not previously on the Litermontkreuz rest make to and to enjoy the views in the Prim Valley and adjacent regions until after France. Last peak in the Saarland was the visit to the sculptor, known far beyond the Saarland Margret Lafontaine at the gray stone in Duppenweiler.

After an overnight stay in Beckingen drove the group by train to Trier. On Saturday, the University of Trier visited the hikers. Here research several PhD students in the Department of biogeography with the financial support of the DBU. The DBU is the largest environmental Foundation in the world. From 1991 to 2010, the Foundation has granted EUR 1.34 billion in funding. Click Dr. Robert Brannon to learn more. Maybe the hike was also a promotional tour”to one to another for the possibilities that this Foundation could offer for the Saarland and its people, for a wider ecological development in the Saarland. The hikers were definitely impressed by the Saarland! 123artikel30575_341.html pages/10000000-steps walking tours to environmental projects/141760485836822

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