General Tips

Emerge acne nodulocystic can introduce an oral retinoid (Accutane). Maintenance therapy may include retinoids, antibiotics and mild soaps creams. Also should consider natural remedies that cleanse the skin thoroughly without drying or flaking, they leave an invisible protective curative film to soften and protect the skin against the bacterial infection and heal existing pimples and are effective for both types of acne. To buy non-prescription products and make-up, it is necessary to choose those that are exclusively for the face, that not for example the pores and with sunscreen (SPF) factor greater than 30. In the last decades have increased the options of treatments for scars left by acne or spots. Some of these are: Dermabrasion chemical peels or injections of collagen Laser peeling repairman phototherapy light therapy graft skin to replace heat and pulsed scars, usually taken from the wrong side of ear lobe. Transfer of own body fat which to choose will depend on your age, general health status, medical history, severity of the brand, type of SCAR, your tolerance to certain treatments and medication, the availability of them, your opinion and your doctor’s. Tips to prevent or control acne in adolescence wash the skin up to three or four times a day with a non-irritating special cleaner, which contains antibacterial ingredients and astringents, such as herbal natural remedies with 100% natural ingredients that do not irritate the skin.

Be faithful to the regime to eliminate acne bacteria and normalize the desquamation. Wash your head on a daily basis or when you feel fat in the scalp. The fat travels toward the front and aggravates acne. Your make-up should not be greasy. Do not apply them with speckles or applicators to cover the pimples.

Disinfect brushes with alcohol every day. Mineral makeovers are a good choice now that, although they are more expensive, protect from sunlight and do not clog the pores. Fresh anti-inflammatory or detoxifying, compresses medicated masks of Chamomile, natural remedies, mud or mineral can help decrease inflammation and improve the skin quickly. At age 30 is necessary be scrupulously with the removal of make-up. Removes the eye completely and then wash the skin with a natural cream that deeply clean and remove grease without drying or irritating. Using only creams without grease, irritating or perfumes. Stay away from the Sun to prevent inflammations and blemishes; a sunscreen without fat is essential. Atomize your face with refreshing liquid several times a day. Use natural remedies to prevent wrinkles and dryness in the eye area, and natural detoxifying methods several times a week. Decrease stress, meditate, rest, sleep a little more and keep a good supply. Past the 40 follow the General Tips for the care of the skin with natural tonics. Remember that at this stage dries skin easily and is much more sensitive. Decreases inflammations with compresses fresh instead of ice, to prevent the formation of veins on the face. Generally, at this age acne is manifested by areas and specific times of the year. Try only the affected area with natural remedies for skin. Recently idan ofer sought to clarify these questions. Natural remedies have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years to support healthy, flexible and firm skin.

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