Health And Nutrition

For Arajo et al. (2008, P. 489 it weans) health is defined as the introduction of any type of food in the diet of a child who, until then, if found in regimen of exclusive maternal aleitamento. It weans it precocious occurs due some factors as the information lack, the escolaridade of the mother, the work, is reasons that take puerpera to give up to suckle. 5,4 MAMMARY COMPLICATIONS the aleitamento of inadequate form as well as not to suckle can bring some complications in the life of the mother and the child leading to the appearance of some patologias. The mother can present mastite, mammary ingurgitamento, fiction to mamilar among others. The child can present infections, malnutrition and etc., this had lack of nutrients that can be offered through the maternal milk that is complete and indispensable for the health of the child. The mastite appears as an inflammatory process of one or more segments of the breast, being able or not to progress for a bacterial infection; the mammary ingurgitamento is an increase in the vascularizao, as well as an accumulation of milk, leading to one edema from the congestion, finally a blockage of the draining of the lymphatic system; the doloridos mamilos/trauma to mamilar at the beginning of breast-feeding the woman feels a little of pain or discomfort being normal, more when the mamilos are very painful and hurt it is not normal, being able to be traumas mamilares where they include eritema, edema, fictions, bubbles, ‘ ‘ marcas’ ‘ whites, yellow or dark and equimoses (GIUGLIANI 2004). The mammary ingurgitamento occurs due the decurrent alveolar distenso of the retention of milk in the alveoli, leading to a compression of the ductos for where it passes milk, obstructing the flow, increasing the distenso of alveoli, as well as take the increase of the blockage. The ingurgitamento can be physiological or pathological, where the first one appears discrete, presenting a positive signal of that milk is I descend, already according to the tecidual distenso is extreme, causing a great discomfort, being able to come folloied of fever and malaise.

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