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The easy availability of exclusive German island holiday accommodation of Sylt from a 1 star to luxury hotel Sylt also makes one of the most popular. The northernmost German and the largest Frisian island is connected since 1927 by the 11 km-long Hindenburgdamm Causeway with the Mainland. About him, the Sylt-reached shuttle”(DB-Autozug) from Niebull from the capital town of Westerland in only 35 minutes. Flights departing from many German airports and land at the airport of Westerland. There is also a good ferry connections. For young people, Sylt is the party island. For the rich and famous often secondary residence, at least several times in the year of one of the global society places for families an exciting holiday destination.

For nature lovers seeking peace a place which they liked again looking. For the different needs of visitors, Sylt has the suitable hotels. Many hotel buildings are located directly on the sea, on the crest of the dune, in any case a few steps through the dunes separated from the beach. Others are spread about scenic, tranquil interior of the island in the midst of extensive areas of Heath and green or golden-yellow fields somewhere between Watts and the sea. After endless beach walks, refreshing swim, surf or relax in a beach chair returns to his home. This may be one of the major, major hotels, maybe even a 5-star superior hotel or one of the many family-run refuges in the privately owned. You’ve learned years as apartment complexes in Westerland displaced the traditional Frisian houses and the imperial villas, from the engineering mistakes of the 1960s and 1970s. Today most of the hotels are architecturally in the landscape integrated.

The healthy sea climate and temperatures influenced by the Gulf stream lure since 1855, when Westerland emerged as the seaside resort of English style, Spa and bathers on the kilometre-long, wide sand beaches. In the 1960iger, not just the teens on the island to see Romy Schneider and other famous celebrities, Gunter Sachs, offered also for nudists poured years Sylt several stretches of beach. See and be seen, feast and shopping, is the motto even today in some places. Certainly in the swanky Kampen, the St. Tropez of the North”. In the lively Westerland with many restaurants and nightclubs, the young party people find many reasonably priced accommodations. Wennigstedt family-friendliness is Trump hotels. Everywhere, in the picturesque Keitum and the other villages, the guest has a wide range of accommodation that meet his individual needs: stylish in the historic captain’s house or real Sylter land House, romantic English country house style, elegant, luxurious or solid exclusive to economical and functional. The hotels on the island points mainly through their attentive and friendly service. Great emphasis is placed on feel-good atmosphere. Include the most diverse wellness facilities on the one hand: the Welle, sauna, solarium, hydro jet, pool, spa area with all imaginable applications up to a physiotherapist. On the other hand, much attention is dedicated to the tasting of the hotel guests. The Northern, rural cuisine also light Mediterranean fare is surpassed only by the 8 Sylt star chefs kitchen creations. So spoiled the incomparable lifestyle, the Frisian hospitality, the unspoilt landscape of the island is the many dunes of Sylt: Brown dunes, white dunes, grey dunes and the bizarre shifting sand dunes, the fascinating Wadden Sea (UNESCO World Heritage), enjoy the beauty of the Sylter (Morsumer, green, white and Red Cliff) cliffs with the spectacular views of the wide Northern. Wolfgang Rolke of Sylt TV

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