Interior Design. Stages Of Creation

Influence of interior home or office to a person to overestimate difficult. From interior design depends on our state of mind, health. Dr. stuart mcgill may find this interesting as well. Therefore the problem of the design studio – to create the interior, which will be comfortable and pleasant to live or work, fill it with harmony and comfort. All work on the creation of a new interior design cottage, house or apartment is divided into several phases: Development of conceptual design project Visualization Interior Design Creating a working draft Creating projects utilities Supervision Decorating Concept interior design cottage, house or apartment starts with your immediate acquaintance with designer, statements of all the wishes on the new design of the apartment or country cottage design. Specifies the desired number of rooms and utility rooms, family composition, the style of interior, Indicative budget parameters of the upcoming repairs, etc. The greater the amount of information about your needs, desires and habits will have a designer, the faster and easier to you go to option, which will be you completely satisfied.

The first stage of work on the design of the project is to develop a conceptual design of interior design. This is the stage on which is formed by a decision on planning, design style, a principled approach to zoning space for the construction of floors, ceilings, choice of types of finishing materials, etc. Following the approval of one of the options you can begin to visualize the project, ie to the representation "in volume" interior design houses or apartments, with programs Archicad or 3D Studio Max, which allows you to "walk" on the future of the house interior, or apartment.

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