National Curricular Parameters

For in such a way the research participativa- action seemed to the methodology most adequate, therefore it allowed that we harvested given qualitative, having a bigger concern with the resolution of collective problems. Through the instruments, one searched to know the curiosidades of the pupils posterior to know to deal inside with this subject of the schools. In 1998, the Ministry of the Education included the Sexual Orientation in National Curricular Parmetros and Referenciais for Basic Ensino. There, one affirms that, from 5 series, is important that the school can offer a specific space (a weekly hour-lesson) to guide, to debate and to take off the doubts of the pupils on the sexuality. However, as the subject has transversal character, that is, of application desirable, however not obligator, its definitive implantation in the curricular grating for times esbarra in the retrograde thought and tacanho of that this substance could stimulate or anticipate the close relationship between the young. A typical mentality of that they want to cover sun with the bolter. Ahead of these results, it is suggested implantation of debates of subjects on sexual and reproductive health in the schools, directed toward pupils, parents and professors, of form to supply subsidies enough to diminish the doubts of the adolescents and to prepare the parents and professors better to guide and to coexist this etrio group. In this direction we can suggest that the activities proposals for the work in the school would have to break of the curiosidades of the children and adolescents.

Also we suggest, therefore some activities as: change in the pertaining to school resume, change in the thought of parents and professors to display the subject with its children and pupils in an objective and clear way. The desire that is in each one of us is that these results are not lost in the time, serving as plus a carried through research already. She is necessary to know to hear the truth and adolescent the young curiosidades of the e. She is necessary that parents and professors open its souls and enxergue the adolescents as integrant part of the society, that has its dreams, doubts and curiosidades. REFERENCES BIBLIOGRAPHICAL LAKATOS, Maria; MARCONI, Martina de Andrade. Techniques of research: planning and execution of research, samplings and techniques of research, elaboration, analysis and interpretation of data. To know more about this subject visit Dr. Robert Brannon.

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