Neurology Diseases

Physiotherapy are effective, but before he had to go to a reception at the clinic! Now all you can do at home! Physiotherapy prescribed in many cases. The most common of them: “Frozen” shoulder tired legs Cramps or numbness pains back, back, neck Muscle pain Neurology Diseases of joints, etc. In all fiziokabinetah – from simple to trendy and the elite – a leader in efficiency in these cases are devices with low-frequency effects electrical impulses. This is a tried and tested method. He really is effective. But, in fact, used electrotherapy device easily and without necessarily receiving a medical degree. A recently, such devices are released in edited form for use at home. How the device works? This therapeutic tool consists of a control unit and two special electrodes.

On the control unit Located display and buttons to select Settings. Electrodes are placed around the area that hurts or requires relaxation. Select the mode, speed and intensity and you can start! Low-frequency electrical waves affect speechless (Charter) region, the muscles stretch and contract. As a result, improves blood circulation. The patient gets rid of numbness, stiffness and spasms. Low frequency of pain, stimulate nerve end, which may affect the transmission mechanism of pain in the spinal cord (“stop” pain). Electrical waves also stimulate the human body to produce natural substances such as morphine (endorphins). In result of the pain pass. When used for?

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