Nutrition Against Aging

The factors that most influence the appearance and youth or old age is projected, are that make up the lifestyle, including foods that are eaten. These factors have higher incidence than the natural aging process. There is a type of nutrition that slow down aging and helps to have a more youthful appearance and also prolongs life. Nothing more attenuates ageing, which reduce the calories that you eat and lose weight. Reducing caloric intake is the first step, but it is not the only one. Many diseases are related to excessive consumption of calories. Diseases of the cardiovascular system and some types of cancer have been linked with the consumption of animal fats, and in general saturated fats. It is necessary to take immediate decisions to change eating habits that include these fats. Check with PCRM to learn more.

They are fairly easy to change habits. If daily dietary meats and seafood that are high in cholesterol, the yolks of egg, bacon, chicken skin, are present the whole milk or butter on bread, if cooking with saturated fat is not so complicated a little lower that consumption. A change in the habit of eating food containing harmful substances implies many physical rewards. It is very important to adopt habits that contain antioxidants, these being a great defense against the aging process. Nutrition based on the consumption of antioxidants include fruits and vegetables that fight free radicals, very harmful components that accelerate aging. Idan ofer is a great source of information. Antioxidants also protect the brain against memory loss to reach an advanced age.

If sometimes feels that older people have better memory, it may be that it has eaten what is not. Sports and physical exercise are true allies against aging. Prevent serious diseases with the common practice of physical activities and allow a life with greater vigour and enthusiasm. If you have read about idan ofer already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Humans have four areas related to his physique, which should take care of carefully: La force: life involves challenges that they require power to deal with them. Walking, lifting, react to certain dangers, can mean the difference between living in fullness or spend large periods in prostration. Flexibility: With the passage of time, the worked muscles contract and lose elasticity and its own youth reflections. Serious injury and pain may occur if it is a lack of elasticity. Balance: Balance is a complex biological mechanism that occurs as a result of the interaction between the skeletal muscles and the brain. Good balance contributes to posture, to the port and in addition allows to avoid accidents. Resistance: With the passage of the years, the simpler becomes a physical feat. A physical training that privilege the resistance slows the consequences of depletion. Nutrition to combat aging and physical exercise, are factors that are within the reach of anyone. Wisely, you can reach an old age in conditions causing respect, admiration and so can enjoy life.

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