David Galeano Olivera

FOR the MEC EL GUARANI is a language second son NOMAS by: David Galeano Olivera definitely Guarani is a second son nomas language for MEC. It is the wildcard, which stretches from there to here; It serves to fill the CV perfuming of paraguayidad. The Guarani to the MEC is the damn stone guest, the annoying scree on the shoe, which cannot be undone once and then decided to make it to account drops. Ten years ago we have been announcing it. Filed under: Dr. Steven Greer. First, the teaching of Guarani was eliminated and was included in their place the jopara. Outlandish as Klasa, text, intelihensia, etc. Get all the facts and insights with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, another great source of information.

words were created and MEC told everyone that’s Guarani for more published thousands of books in jopara, not in Guarani. In fact the idea was and is to make it difficult; or better, Impresentable. The result: people got angry and began to protest. Today, as gua a. everyone dislikes Guarani; We are witnessing the next sad stage: reduce and exclude the Guarani from the medium level. However, worth reflect and remember the following: 1. the Guarani is the official language of Paraguay, alongside Castilian; 2. The Guarani language is language of Mercosur.

3. 87% Of the Paraguayan population speaks and understands Guarani. 4. Nearly 50% of the children attending the schools are Guarani-speakers and deserve to be respected in their linguistic rights. 5. College students (medicine, nursing, obstetrics, law, Sciences of education, agronomy, veterinary science, journalism, theology, etc) claim the teaching of Guarani, since it is and will be a vital tool in their professional development in order to communicate with society. In particular, medical students consider Guarani a staple material; the same, the students of law, which are prepared to understand oral trials, where more than one speaks only Guarani. 6. The national authorities the President and the Vice-President of the Republic; use it, so almost all senators and deputies; the President of the judiciary and the most judges and prosecutors speak it daily; so also do, different personalities in Sciences, arts and culture; as well as trade unions, peasants, church leaders and even the extraneros who live in Paraguay.

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Weight Loss Supplements

Are weight loss supplements, such as thin XLS, necessary to achieve your goal weight? This drug contains extracts of pineapple, grapefruit, parsley, fennel, cocoa, plus insulin, and green tea. Do you really need that bomb in your stomach to achieve the body you want? It is very difficult to be honest and objective to the previous question. Most people who write about pills and nutritional supplements are those who benefit by making money with them. Without hesitation Dr. Anthony Carolla explained all about the problem. Official site: Herbalife. As a result, are making you believe that dietary supplements are needed for each weight loss program and even lie to you telling you that just by taking these pills can lose weight safely (and eating whatever you want). This is NOT true.

It’s just the answer you give unscrupulous people to profit and money at the expense of your health. The diet pills are not necessarily an essential component for weight loss, not a mandatory element. You lose and burn fat amazing (and healthy) without using any medicine or drug. Many companies try to make you think you have a The magicaa pill that makes you burn fat while you sleep, and while eating anything you want. That is the kind of pill are seeking. Nobody likes to watch what they eat and sweating in the gym. Nobody likes to count calories and exercise to follow strict routines. But it is the only way you get rid of those ugly pounds or kilos of excess fat in your body. As a coach I know what I’m talking about, because even I myself tried to lose weight for many years without success.

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Individual Talents

As noted in previous notes as the flowers of Bach and the American floral essences flower essences in general characterized by work on the planes of consciousness, the peronalidad and the emotions. There is no doubt about its effectiveness and its integration with other systems or natural therapeutic methods, without neglecting medicine that can complement without intentions of substitute and acting as a clarifier to facilitate the task of the professional specialist, given that it helps the person to express themselves and show such which is making note his real suffering, task that often difficult results in a query and until the times almost impossible according to the personal characteristics that the patient presents. Other floral as the Amazonian orchids systems can complement well with others in turn and in this case referred to make it working on the planes of spirituality or the wake of certain personal attributes, such as the ability to connect with his I internal, with other planes of knowledge or to maximize your connection with the Kingdom of nature, with his child or his communicative self. In this case, having a balance between floral systems and maintaining positive view to each of them, we will add to the list the floral essences of water lilies and lotuses that according to experiences in practice have demonstrated once more its effectiveness in the discovery of personal talents and necessary individual strengths so that humans can deal with both our life and business projects on a personal level as in the relationship Thus, in labour and social plane. Also to our sensitivity to people and the environment in developing individual talents are strengthened by developing our flexibility of thought and our life with respect to our future vision which allows our inner growth making a living in harmony and well-being.

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Chamber Bavaria

Health-conscious customers benefit by GesundheitPRIVAT compact the tariff GesundheitPRIVAT compact oriented at GrundschutzPRIVAT and characterised by the same services at primary medical treatments and medicines. For tooth replacement, he reimbursed the expenses up to 75 percent unless the insured person during the three calendar years prior to the treatment has carried out an annual dental prophylaxis. For each year in which no prophylaxis was carried during this period reduced the reimbursement rate to 5 per cent; in any case, but at least 60 percent of the treatment costs are taken over. Outpatient medical and dental expenses will be reimbursed up to 3,000 euros to 80 per cent, in addition to 100 percent. Screening and Dental prophylaxis will not count also here on the rebates. Also GesundheitPRIVAT – compact in particular to health-conscious customers is aimed as a more cost-effective and power-reduced variant of the tariff GesundheitPRIVAT, introduced in April.

In the context of his contribution refund returns currently up to five monthly payments in freedom. Moreover, the tariff for customers entitled to rebates, which have a body mass index (BMI) from 18 to under 25 and confirm that they are non-smoking as of completion of the 20th a yearly bonus of 50 euros each holds life year, maximum so 100 euros. Screening does not affect the contribution refund and will not count on the deductible. Examples (in euro): monthly fee / GrundschutzPRIVAT age/sex 45 years woman: 208,71 45 years man: 158,83 30 years women: 129,39 30 years man: 90,64 monthly fee / GesundheitPRIVAT compact 45 years female: 354,16 45 years man: 255,64 30 Years female: 245,97 30 years man: 163,72 the maximum record age for both tariffs is 64. Earliest possible commencement of insurance cover is October 1, 2008.

For more information see. The Bavarian officials Krankenkasse AG and Union health insurance AG form the sixth-largest insurance group in Germany under the umbrella of the Consal Beteiligungsgesellschaft AG and belong to the group insurance Chamber Bavaria. It is the largest public insurers nationwide and among the top ten of insurers. in 2007, scored the all-fields insurer premium income of 5.66 billion euros (preliminary) and has about 6,500 employees. Every working day, the company pays its customers approximately EUR 17 million in insurance benefits. Every year more than 2.8 million insurance and performance cases processed, about 1,500 per work hour.

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Larger, More Comfortable And Fresh

vivamangiare opens new waves food restaurant Cologne, October 30, 2008 the vivamangiare shaft food GmbH is expanding. After the official end of the pilot phase, the Cologne-based company opened a new wave food restaurant in Park Office TRIO TOP in Koln Vogelsang on November 3. It is also planned to open a further vivamangiare site of the Cologne TechnologiePark in spring next year. From May 2007 to summer 2008 vivamangiare holding already a pilot store motto Wellfood instead of fast food”in the city of Cologne. Dr. Neal Barnard has plenty of information regarding this issue. What began as an idea, has been professionally developed and is now in the new wave food restaurant to implement. vivamangiare Wellfood concept supports the action plan fit instead of fat “of the Federal Government. During the test phase, we realized very quickly our concept has what strengths and weaknesses”, as Ulrich Overdiek, Managing Director of the company.

So decided the company to include the pilot site, the experiences of the testing phase in new premises to be able to optimally implement. The new Aquarius 31 rooms offer ideal conditions for the implementation of our waves food concept. Located in the brand new Office Center TRIO TOP in Koln Vogelsang. One of our most important target groups of business people who want to have a little time, but healthy and consciously eats is so common in the immediate vicinity. The new restaurant is also greater than the first, more comfortable for our guests and the food on offer is extensive,”said Ochieng. As also at the pilot store, healthy snacks and light dishes in accordance with the guidelines of the German society for nutrition (DGE) in the offer are at the new vivamangiare Wellfood restaurant. But here, too, things have changed.

In addition to soups, wraps, meat and fish dishes, there are also vegetarian dishes and salads. It also a fresh counter with an offer for the first time after DGE, but sorted according to the carbohydrate content of the respective dishes, characterized by the new GI vivamangiare traffic light colours Green, yellow and red. GI stands for the glycemic index. This indicates how much a carbohydrate-containing foods increase blood glucose levels can be and thus induces the secretion of the fattening hormone insulin. Thus we implement a so far unique restaurant concept in Germany, where consumers specifically carbohydrate can a diet low in Dietetics by the GI -, GLYX – or LowCarb -. “Vivamangiare are all food and beverages color-coded it is green for low-carbohydrate foods and drinks with low GI, yellow for dishes with medium GI or red for carbohydrate-rich foods with a high GI”, so Overdiek. Also new at vivamangiare: the dishes are freshly prepared. In the first vivamangiare restaurant were mainly packaged snacks and dishes on offer. Who should have it once in a hurry but during his short lunch break, can take with of course immediately packed the selected snack or soup.

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First Info Exchange –

In the context of the information exchanges for women funded by the Federal Ministry for family, senior citizens, women and youth “, an event on the subject unintentionally childless” take place. There affected can be lectures, to inform individual consultations and discussions on the topic of involuntary childlessness. “” In addition to lectures by Mr. Dr. Wilke (Chairman of the fertility Centre Hildesheim Lower Saxony reproduction physician) on the subject of the diagnosis and therapy of the unfulfilled desire”, Mrs. Gesine Schanz (Government recognized social worker / social worker with a focus on adoption) on the subject of adoption counselling” and Mr.

Dr. purchase rock (Chief physician at the hospital, Hildesheim GmbH) on the subject of infertility and sterility treatment: psychic experience and medical assistance “, have the participants on the information exchange the opportunity to inform, to keep track of a discussion in individual counseling sessions and much more. The aim of the information exchanges for women is citizens nationwide the opportunity to give to inform themselves on women-specific issues. Involuntary childlessness is a growing social problem, caused are very versatile. In addition to medical reasons, social and economic aspects are cause of unfulfilled desire in Germany. In 2006 were in Germany approximately 61,000 cycles in the sense of artificial insemination (IVF / ICSI) carried out. In about 18% of the treatments, it comes after artificial fertilization to the birth of a child.

The average age of the women is over 34 years and men over 37 years. In addition to the medical and social reasons as the cause of involuntary childlessness, the economic aspect is another important factor. So, 14% unintentionally childless women in artificial gave an Allensbach study Insemination costs money”. This is not surprising when one considers that since 1 January 2004 by the statutory health insurance companies only 3 attempts to 50% for the treatment applied, provided that the couples are married. It could be more, if the statutory health insurance companies and the State more would participate in the costs for the reproduction of medical treatments. Approximately, 10% of couples remain unintentionally childless to help couples with infertility, despite modern medical facilities. Under German law, only the possibility of an adoption remains. 5,000 children in the context of adoption to couples are taught in Germany per year. The adoption to the founding of a family and to the formation of stable parent child relationships is socially recognized and legally clear. She may be but not considered as a single act, rather, it is a long-lasting process, of the life of all parties before the Agency, and especially about mediation when beyond strong shapes. Manuela Lewrick Raghunath DC position responsible community nordstemmen Rathausstrasse 3 31171 nordstemmen Tel.: 05069 8000 fax: 05069 80091

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Officials PKV

The private health insurance for civil servants. As a civil servant, you can switch from the statutory health insurance private health insurance, but you must observe a few things. There are various subsidies and tariffs, which are offered and which you then should inform themselves. The aid of officials, what you are entitled to varies according to what looks like the family stand point and depending on state changes to the aid, E.g. Dr. Neal Barnard often addresses the matter in his writings. They receive 50% of the aid for married and unmarried officers and starting from the second child, the allowance for the PKV officials 20% increased. 70% get officials who are entering retirement also PKV. However, this varies according to the State, more details they find in the respective State aid regulation, where everything is set. The official use of the private health insurance must pay the additional costs.

Also the costs and services the rates change. You should inform yourself exactly, E.g. about the tariffs and then compare before you decide for the PKV. If you go to the car by the statutory health insurance will, you must meet certain criteria, apart from the income. The officials are because of the advantage, because you can receive aid. The difference of the statutory health insurance and the PKV for officials is that you have to pay everything in the statutory health insurance. The change to the car is better for civil servants, in contrast they should cover approximately the rest cost 50% so in the statutory health insurance. There is no uniform State aid between the Lander, in every State it has been prescribed and set.

As mentioned the income plays no role, but the sex, age and pre-existing conditions. Before graduating and a change to the car a noncommittal PKV comparison to solicit. This informs you about the rates and offers, and thus helps you to make the right decision. Alexander Lanew

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The Trend

“Were summarized the main findings related to is and set”: the existing advantages are especially: “Lifestyle of” (LO) makes clear, it is an independent consensus movement (a kind of life vision). For this group, life and economy quality standards is linked. “” Health”(health) and (and) Substainibility ‘ (sustainability) (HAS) to be minimum standards” defined. LOHAS speaks the enlightened and conscious people to his influence enabled position as a buyer. To know more about this subject visit Dr. Stuart M. McGill. The LOHAS acts effective, goal-oriented and with confidence. LOHAS are open to innovations and can quickly integrate new trends. You trust rather own networks as political parties.

They are in addition to the silver economy”(the young old”) one of the most formative influence factors for consumption and economic change. Succeeded them within a short time, to bring large companies quietly and without resistance to reconsider. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dr. Stuart M. McGill. “” Got to feel the resistance of the economic lobby unwilling to change during the policy when the bottle deposit”and nearly the load limit” learned, succeed in LOHAS and silver economy in the smiling style “and are still of the economy while Hof douse. “Who the elegant” who creates has the energy is so trend capable of more. “” This befahig also quite possibly the common goal: for the one we want to be young “, for which we want other life well and consume but please with much health and (verifiable) sustainability”. “” The trend even its own “economic basis appeared to give” the experts first deeper into the economic landscape. As LOHAS has important allies in a TREND of SELF and COOPERATION. The question was therefore also in the work shop health and sustainability in the performance process”, whether LOHAS integrate this can and will. A little of LOHAS”was already noted and marked with the concepts of SELF and cooperation. We do this here (Simplified) as LOHAS ErganzungsPUNKTE”on: More and more people questioning their lives (and especially professional life) meaning.

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Starting Your Own Business

What steps should I take to open my own business? In Spain, to create a company need to meet several bureaucratic procedures. The objective of this process is to be properly constituted with the state and to your customers and suppliers. This has different "formats" company called legal forms. Each legal form requires a different paperwork. Although there are many, can be divided into two general.

First, the legal forms without entity (community property, sole proprietorships …) only require to be discharged to the public finances. You need to register in the iae and request a tax identification number hacienda. You can start the activity. For the other group companies, the process is more complex. This is a summary of the steps to follow: 1. Dr. stuart mcgill has many thoughts on the issue. Choose a name for the company and get the booking confirmation of the Central Mercantile Registry. 2.

Open a bank account in the name of the future society. 3. In the bank account each partner must enter the money corresponding to its share capital of the company. 4. To carry out the constitution of society has to be clear: The name of the company. The identification of the partners. Contributed capital and its distribution between the partners. The type of court administration. Empowerment. The statutes of government in society (the rules governing their conduct). 5. It is time to sign the deed of incorporation before the Notary. 6. After signing the deed must be recorded in the commercial register of the province where it is. 7. Once registered, the company must request registration in the iae and ask CIF hacienda. 8. Take to the bank a copy of the deed of incorporation and company registration certificate to unlock the account and enter the data managers. Once these steps the bank will release funds and the company may start business. Here you can find more information on how.

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The Origin

In the initial stage of pride is hard to recognize. Only an experienced chaplain or psychologist can accurately determine the origin of this passion. Person behaves as if normal, but a trained eye sees in its onset. Man proud of myself. His good humor: he sings, smiles, even laughs often and sometimes laughing out loud for no reason, be original, makes jokes, doing various tricks to attract attention present; likes to talk much, and his conversation is heard infinite 'I', but from a disapproving word his mood quickly changed, and it is sluggish, but from the praise once again flourishes as 'the May rose' and starts flit like a butterfly. Dr. Stuart M. McGill oftentimes addresses this issue. But, in general, at this stage of his mood is light. Further, if a person does not come into the consciousness of his sinfulness, not repent and is not corrected, the disease develops and intensifies. The man appears sincere belief in their superiority over others.

That confidence quickly turns into a passion of command, and he begins to dispose of other people's attention, someone else's time and foreign forces in its sole discretion. He becomes insolent and brash: for all is taken, even if the port deal, all interfere, even in someone else's family. At this stage, the mood of the proud man spoiled, because he often encounters resistance to others. Gradually he becomes more and more irritable, stubborn, grumpy, obnoxious to everyone. Naturally, it starts to avoid, but he is convinced he is right and believes that its just no one wants to understand why with all the breaks.

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