Roman Emperor Nero

These colors indicate a wide range of hues. Red amber of Chiapas is one of the most beautiful. Dominican Republic blue amber is the most beautiful, valued and appreciated the existing ones. The first place that has registered as an original source of amber is the region of the Baltic Sea. The oldest amber workpiece by man dates from 30,000 years ago and was found in Hannover, Germany. In Europe, amber is located in Spain, France, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Latvia and Russia, and in Latin America is located in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Colombia. For more information see Teva.

In antiquity it was thought that Amber possessed mystical or magical, properties being used by many cultures as a talisman or medicinal remedy. In Chiapas, Mexico, amber is still used to protect children against the evil eye. The Greeks noticed produced electrical properties to rubbing amber with other objects. Hence the etymology of the word electricity that comes from the Greek rjkeKXQov (elektron), meaning amber. Although there are many places where the amber was found, this is found in large quantities in only twenty deposits around the world and mainly in Eastern Europe (Baltic), in Mexico, in the Dominican Republic, and lately has been found in Cantabria (Spain) the largest European deposit of amber from the Cretaceous period. The beauty of amber is responsible for that has been considered a substance precious, and its mysterious origin was estimated as divine protection against various damages for carrier of amber jewellery. As such, it was also used as an ingredient in medicines and for religious purposes. Already the Phoenicians exchanged Amber as a commodity of prime importance with the ancient Baltic peoples. From approximately 3000 b.c., Baltic amber was traded for goods from southern Europe and there were roads and trade routes that crossed Europe and ended up in the far East. Around 58 BC, Roman Emperor Nero sent a Roman Knight on a quest for this Northern gold and brought hundreds of pounds of amber to Rome.

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