September Expert Advice

Telephone consultation of Board of Trustees perfect dentures with a focus on ‘Tooth replacement in seniors’ due to the motto of the day of the dental health ‘healthy begins in the mouth? “more enjoyment with 65 plus!” a focal point of the consultation on the topic of dental prostheses is seniors. Because in advanced age often extensive dental treatment to patients. The result is many questions about the supply of dental prostheses. The team of experts of the KpZ provides comprehensive information, in addition to the conversation with the attending dentist. Dental issues are by Professor Lauer and Professor Nitschke, Tel. 069 / 665586-44 answered. For dental questions, master dental technician under 069 / 665586-55 the callers (calls to the usual fixed network costs).

Also outside the telephone consultation, the Scientific Advisory Board of the Board of Trustees takes perfect dentures for patients: they can contact to the experts at any time by letter or via the online form on the website. On There are also current and background information on the topics of dental and oral health website. And who is on Facebook, can look on the side of the KpZ and to keep: perfekterZahnersatz so you prepare yourself optimally on the phone call with the experts of the KpZ: you are looking for a place where you can call for undisturbed. Record advance all your questions in writing. Provide all key dental records, such as the treatment and cost plan, or a report.

Call the desired professionals: dental professionals at 069 / 665586-44 and master dental technician under 069 / 665586-55. Tip: If you should come through the first time, try it again at a later time or ask your questions in writing to the Board of Trustees of perfect dentures: by letter or by using the online form at. Two of dental experts from the Scientific Advisory Council of the KpZ provide during the phone consultation on 25 September: Professor Dr. Hans-Christoph Professor Lauer, Lauer is the head of the Advisory of Board of Trustees perfect dentures and Director of the clinic of Prosthodontics ZZMK (carolinum) of the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main. He is one of the leading experts in the field of implantology. Professor Dr. Ina Nitschke MPH Professor Nitschke is the President of the German society for age dentistry (DGAZ) and head of the Division senior dentistry, the clinic of Prosthodontics and material science, University of Leipzig, as well as old-age and disability dentistry clinic at the Centre for dental, oral and maxillofacial surgery of the University of Zurich.

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