Physiology And Nutrition

The fungos are constituted of protein and sufficient water. They can be macrocospic or microscopical. Of one general way, the fungos are differentiated in bolores and leavenings Importance For its opportunist nature, come producing serious illnesses in the man. Moreover, they are used in the beer production, wine, in the feeding (champignons), in the medicine production (penicillin). The LSD is extracted of fungos. Dimorfismo morphology is the capacity that some fungos has to be under bolor form, in the saproftica life, and the form of leavening in the parasitic life. It occurs with changes of pH, temperature, Immunity.

Physiology and nutrition – they are heterotrficos, they do not possess clorofila and they need greasy proteins, carboidratos, lipdios, alcohol, N, acid vitamins and. – bigger glucose loads are adaptam it that the bacteria. – they are aerobic or microaerfilos. – pH 6 and temperature of 22C 30C (average of 25C) are excellent for its development. they are demanding how much to the humidity, but they will be in a dehydrated environment, they esporulam and they remain as form of resistance. – they have capacity to produce pigment and heat through the fermentation. the fungos grow very slowly, therefore the way of used culture for fungos cannot develop bacteria, therefore these grow very quickly masking the growth of fungo.

A way made in laboratory exists, the Mycobiotec, increased of antibiotic. Thus, I inhibited the growth of bacteria and not pathogenic contaminantes fungos for the man. Habitat – antropoflicos: they only inhabit the man. – zooflicos: they inhabit animals being able to inhabit the man. – geoflicos: they are in the nature (land, vegetables, etc). MEDICAL MICOLOGIA Concept Studies the pathogenic fungos. Division – Micoses superficial; – Micoses cutaneous; – Micoses subcutaneous; – Micoses deep or sistmicas; – Micoses opportunist. Terminology 1. How much to the localization: Pulmonary Citomicose, dermatomicose, onicomicose (nails), oftlamomicose, tricomicose (for), micose, etc.

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