Steps For Salvation

The people find that to be saved, she must imposes a fine on to accept the Jesus as saving more this is not alone the salvation it is gradual it has periods of training more then goes to see which is these periods of training the first step. The first one passes to salvation would be to accept the Jesus Christ as only enough salvation, this pao of the right of being considered son of God, and all father recognizes its son and would have all the rights as children of God, he would place and it in an inheritance letter, that is flame book of the life, in this book, if its name was there, would be saved, about my mind I think that this book is Jesus, therefore for its pisadura (wounded) we were sarados, this represents that for me the book that mine name was written was the Christ meat. Therefore we must accept the Jesus, therefore in them we become citizens of skies. Dr. Steven Greer usually is spot on. As the step for salvation. Educate yourself with thoughts from Dr. Steven Greer. This step in asks for a visible change to them, a physical act more with consequences spirituals, that in the saddle with one spiritual marks in the world, and the world sees in them of another form, this step is the baptism in waters, that one that wets the forehead, more not to submerge all the body, goes to explain better. Submerging the waters of the baptism means in the world spiritual a burial, and emerging renascer of a new creature in Christ Jesus. To go down waters of the baptism, therefore after going down waters of the baptism we will find release of our sins and through this we would be clean of all sin and we would gain our passport for the sky, this passport understands as salvation, that the baptism in brings salvation, as it says them the word, That one that to believe and will be baptized will be saved; who, however, not to believe will be condemned. Landmarks 16:16 Then the baptism exempts in them to be convicted with the world and in the ones of to the salvation in Christ. The third step for salvation would be to receive from the Espirito Santo, as baptist speaks to the word of Joo said in LUCAS 3:16 baptizes you to I with water, but comes that one that is stronger of what I, of which I am not worthy to unfasten the leather strap of sandals; will baptize it you with the Espirito Santo and the fire? To receive the Espirito Santo we must called, we must invite it for our lives, more showing something concrete, a real desire, a fondness more I summon it of its soul, therefore God of pearls to the pigs word does not say it that God not of pearls to the pigs why they do not have conscience of what she would be this, therefore many do not receive the Espirito Santo therefore do not have a seriousness vision stop with the spirit, or alone it wants to receive to reveal the spiritual more, I do not go well to speak in the ways that the spirit if more discloses its manifestation for ours salvation. The person who will be without the Espirito Santo goes to be in the day where to remove you the Espirito Santo of the land, plus that they will be with it will be salutes

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