First Steps Farmville

If you just start playing Farmville, easily realize the reason why this game has captured the imagination of many anywhere in the world. It gives you the freedom to do what you want on the inside of the farm, including what to plant, what to buy, may invite any person who wants to be a neighbor, however, also have to live according to the rules. Tons of options you presented in the FarmVille market will make it a little tricky at first, however as they progress through the levels, you will get dominate the farm and will probably engage with the game. Expand slowly: while you want to buy the largest land which can be paid in the Farmville market, you should be aware of the complications resulting from this measure. A larger ground means more parcels of the area in which you can establish and plant many crops as possible. Plowing each plot cost you 15 coins, so if you spend too much at the same time, may not have enough coins to buy the seeds of the Farmville market. Therefore, it is better to go slowly on the expansion of the farm and take advantage of to the maximum of each plot and the potential of plantation crops.

After a harvest, it is a sensitive measure of replanting of all its current plants first. Once you’ve done this, you can now discover how much more can afford to expand at this time. This is the best way to go when it wants to expand the farm, but you must make sure that you still have enough money to buy enough seeds to be planted in all the cleared plots. Plan their crops: know what time will harvest their crops in Farmville often can take a while to learn. Each crop plant will have an appropriate amount of time to mature. Once your crop is mature, you must harvest immediately, so their crops don’t wither and are wasted.

You will not be able to sell and will have to plow the plots once more so you can start again. Learn how to plan their crops so that you will be able to harvest their crops until they wilt. One of the wonders of Farmville is its flexibility. If you have time to log in everyday life, then you can plant the seeds that can be harvested every day. However, if once a week can only be back to his farm, there are many options on the market that can afford to plant crops that can be harvested every 4 days or less. Once you start playing well, surely will have difficulties not may stay away, and without playing for a long time. You can find more content the following link. Farmville tricks author Yhohn Chach.

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