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To take full advantage of this technique, you can either look into this yourself, or go through our training. – This house is too far from the city center. – But your family will be healthier, because it will breathe fresh air. – This apartment in the heart of the city, there can not breathe! – But buying an apartment here – the most profitable investment Your money. Dr. Stuart M. McGill might disagree with that approach. For your children are right here with the most prestigious schools, and you and your wife will get off and running in minutes, without spending your life on the road! – I do not want you to explain, you are an unscrupulous man! – Well, let's talk to you frankly, we did the normal people, and you understand that I simply must do exactly as required by the rules of the company where I work! I simply observe its interests. Idan ofer understood the implications. – This advertising will not give me the necessary return! – Yes, perhaps this is not the case when you get instant feedback and orders, but this is the best opportunity to achieve a certain level of notoriety in the industry. – Your car does not look as elegant as that. – But it meets the most stringent security requirements.

– It's too risky a trip – in this country. – But you will be later than show off to friends and a reason to be proud of themselves. Possible displacement of the client's perspective on the pyramid values in any direction, both up and down, it all depends on the situation.

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