The Media

But of that it forms we are bombed by aesthetic standards? How the vehicles communication show in them what he is beautiful, perfect? the media if constitutes in an instrument appropriate to spread out such messages? As we saw previously, the technologies had been excellent so that the new body came to be reorganized. They had been responsible also, throughout century XX, for the propaganda and the marketing. Through these artifices, the people had passed if to relate of different form. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jeffrey Bauer, PhD.. The relations between people and products had started to exist in terms of image of I, its exterior world, its style of life and, over all, its corporal pack (SANTAELLA, 2004, P. 126). According to Santaella (2004), this occurs, over all, in the plan of the imagination: They are, in fact, the representations in the medias and advertisings that have the deepest effect on the experiences of the body.

They are who take in them to imagine, to diagramar, to fantasiar definitive corporal existences, in the forms to dream and to desire that they consider (SANTAELLA, 2004, P. 126). That is, what we attend or we read in the magazines contribute, in certain degree, she stops alienating in them, in case that the influences make in them to live copying of the media its diverse styles, since the simple form of walking, gesturing to the way to dress. The image of the body, its good form appears, thus, as a species of psychic economy of auto-esteem and reinforcement of the personal power (SANTAELLA, 2004, P. 126, P. 126). It is at this moment that, as already we argue previously, exterior dominates the interior. Thus, we start to understand the power that the glorificao and the exhibition of the human body had started to assume in the world contemporary, power that is accomplished by means of the most diverse forms of stimulation and dither of the body, as if this dither had as it rewards a identitrio renaissance or the damaged restoration of eus and spoiled identities (Crillanovick apud Santaella 2003, P.

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