The Ones

It still presents two equal espculos that function as accessory agencies of cpula. The posterior extremity strong incurvated for the ventral face is the external sexual character easily differentiates that it of the female (SNOWS, 2005). – Female: The 40 cm, when adult measures about 30, being more robust than the male units. The color, the mouth and the digestive device are similar to the ones of the male. They present two filiform and enovelados ovrios that continue as ovidutos, differentiating in uteri that go to join themselves in an only vagina, that if exterioriza for vulva, located in tero previous of the parasite.

The posterior extremity of the female is rectilinear (REY, 2001). – Eggs: Originally they are white and they acquire chestnut color due to the contact with excrements. They are great, with about 50m of diameter, oval and with thick capsule, in reason of the external membrane mamilonada, secretada for the wall uterine and formed by mucopolissacardeos. To this membrane they follow a membrane consisting average of quitina and more internal, thin protein and another and impermeable one to the consisting water of 25% of proteins and 75% of lipdios. This last layer confers to the egg great resistance to the adverse conditions of the environment. It resists up to 1 year in the ground.

Internally, the eggs of the threadworms present a mass of germinativas cells. Frequently, we can find in excrements infertile eggs. More they are prolongated, they possess thinner mamilonada membrane and the granular cytoplasm (SNOWS et al. ; 2008). Ascaridase occurs mainly in tropical and subtropical climates. They are cosmopolitas. They prefer humid and aerosos arginosos ground. They are geo-helmintos, that is, the maturation of eggs or larvae if it makes in the ground (MELO et al., 2004). Figure 1.Vermes adult of Ascaris lumbricoides: The-Male (incurvated posterior extremity). Female b (posterior extremity straight line).

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