Traditional Thai Massage – Relaxation For Body And Soul

The traditional Thai massage at the present time to keep healthy. Regular massages promote the immune system and stress resistance which is Thai massage an excellent treatment for the stressed people of today. For many centuries, this type of healing is practiced and propagated. While she is naturally integrated into Thailand in the everyday life of everyone, she is regarded in our Western latitudes often as something foreign. While the Thai massage has a very high health value.

According to the Ayurvedic system, the man has 72,000 energy lines. A Thai massage, 10 of the points on these energy lines are processed. Called provide these so called Marma points also energy points or acupressure points the people with life energy. Life energy is fed into the body through respiration, providing him with fresh oxygen. The Thai massage and stimulation of pressure points the breathing of people is stimulated by, causing a deeper breathing with even more oxygen supply takes place. This deep relaxation can adjust first, that has also a better regeneration of the body as a result. What use is a Thai massage? The people provide tension hectic everyday life and stress at work, in the family, time Drangeleien and other negative influences. Stress affects body and mind.

Missing or too short regeneration times ensure that the body can not recover to the extent as it would be necessary to remain efficient. Headaches of various kinds often result. But also discomfort in the abdomen, poor sleep, dizziness and back pain are complains very often as a result of such heavy use and can in chronic diseases or acutely threatening conditions like heart attack or stroke lead. A Thai massage helps with the first complaints and can not even enter the danger of manifestations. By eliminating the physical tension, an inner peace can enter, the the People again strengthens and helps to cope with the demands of everyday life.

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