Dealing with Pain

Pain – is in our world reaction to any problems in it, a signal of the body in human consciousness about any malfunctions in the body, pain warns of the dangers (to draw back the hand), the pain forced to move close or leave, change properties, change the view to understand the cause of pain, draw conclusions and move to new states. This is the only force of impact to our selfishness. The pain from that bad to me, from what poorly to others, what a good friend. Pain pushes from behind and forced to evolve. Pain sensation of emptiness pulls forward to filling. In all – just a pain? All sensations – from a collision, contact, pressure – that is, in general, from pain.

Delight is felt only on the preliminary pain unfilled desires, sufferings, and expectations. Just coming out of the selfishness of the Machsom, rising above it, we realize that we can not exist based on the lack, not out of places without – and full of filling of fullness, not based on pain, but out of sovershestva, not from want by doing something, but out of love, nothing needing. This is a very different existence, a different attitude to the world to the people to themselves, and, of course, to the Creator, who was then revealed and as we become perfect as He is. Kabbalah, Science and the Meaning of Life

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