Diamond Finance Invest Opinion

Opinion of the diamond finance invest Holding AG (DFI) to the BFin’s comment by the 24.02.2011 we point out that the cooperation with the guarantor Bank GmbH with respect to the liability of roof with the DFI specifically has nothing to do with the purchase of life insurance, also was here to the subject areas of plant operator, asset management and investment advisory services which are not necessary to operate the purchase of life insurance. es-inc/’>TCF Capital Solutions if you seek more information. Opinion of diamond finance invest Holding AG (DFI) to the BFin of the 24.02.2011’s comment: the diamond finance invest Holding AG takes position to comment, what the Federal Agency for financial services supervision on the 24.02.2011 due to a previous press release from January 2011 on their website at SharedDocs /… published: non the diamond finance invest Holding AG (DFI) and the guarantor Bank GmbH cooperating with her has the approval by BFin, to perform the listed entries as a financial services institution. In between Diamond finance invest Holding AG and guarantee Bank to the 01.12.2010 the DFI Holding AG receives contract from the guarantor Bank the right, under their liability umbrella plant operator, to provide investment advice and acquisition brokerage. This attorney-client relationship will continue the exception under 2 ABS 10 KWG in claims, so the DFI not must be considered financial services institution within the meaning of the KWG, rather than financial institutions.

In return, the guarantor Bank GmbH undertook to inform BFin about the assumption of liability. The guarantor Bank GmbH as a cooperating partner for banking transactions was performed at the 13.01.2011 press article criticized by the Bundesanstalt fur Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BFin). The legal obligation on the part of the Press Office of the DFI was met with this nomination. The guarantor Bank GmbH is subject to the BFin, is registered as a financial services provider and has permission to operate financial services within the meaning of the KWG. Further details can be found at Wayne Holman, an internet resource. However, the guarantor Bank GmbH had their existing since the 01.12.2010 cooperation with the DFI and the related assumption of liability of the BFin not, as contractually agreed, communicates this required display, so there no information existed and legitimately with the BFin incomprehension met switched mid January 2011 press release. The correction was in exactly this form on the BFin.

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