Growing Radishes

For the radish should choose areas with highly fertile soils of light. In doing so, (the fall) per square meter are making a bucket of humus or compost with 30 g of garden fertilizing mixture. In the spring the soil dug, leveled and sown the seeds as soon as possible (late April – early May) is not thicker than 5 cm from one another, closing up to a depth of 1-2 cm in a square. m sown beds 4 – 6 g of seeds, depending on the size and variety. Many horticulturists and gardeners are wondering why the radish is too early in the arrow, not allowing good root? The reason for this may be of poor quality seeds. As a rule, for purposes of varietal seed planted radish seeds in the middle March greenhouses or nurseries warm. To select the most maturing testes are typical of color and form of the class roots and planted in the ground in late April – early May, the ordinary way (60×25 cm).

Seeds collected from such plants, complete and in compliance with the rules of farming provide a high yield of good quality roots. Poor-quality seeds come in if the roots were grown in open ground or seeds taken from plants with no screening, and early formed peduncles due to adverse conditions. But it also happens: seed quality, and the plants formed flower stalks are not tied roots. There were already violated the conditions of Machinery (dense soil or dry, thickened crops, clogged). With early planting seedlings time to become stronger and therefore less damaged by disease. Watering crops evenly, every two – three days in dry weather – daily in the evening. In the first 15 days of the earth rather soak for 8-10 cm, and the formation of roots, not less than 15 cm

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