Lake Bath (Yaktykul) – Great Place To Enjoy In This Country

Only 40 km from the city of Magnitogorsk is the most beautiful and pure water of the Urals – Bath lake. Indigenous people gave it the name 'Yaktykul', that the Bashkir language is translated as "bright lake". Given it quite by accident, because of its clean fresh water for many years, provide people with health and longevity. Local places astonishingly pristine beauty and grandeur, ensuring that the Russians a great summer and winter recreation. Visiting Bath once lake, ski resort "Metallurg", which is equipped in compliance with stringent European standards, and the slope Kryh Tau, you are sure to come back here again.

The system of mountain ranges, which forms a unique, in many respects unique landscape for a long time haunting and makes again and relive the joyful emotions that gives people the Bath Lake. Let's dwell on the choice of place of residence. All Hotel (Bath Lake – a favorite vacation spot Urals) are located directly on the waterfront – more precisely, in its western part, where usually steep and steep coastline becomes flatter. Despite some distance from large population centers, living at Lake Bath meets the needs of even the demanding metropolitan residents. For recreation area all the necessary utilities. Highly developed infrastructure enables guests to forget about all the problems and experiences of the outside world, just think about the rest, to feel like home. On the shore of the lake there are several large apartment complexes: the hotel Taganay, sanatorium 'Jubilee' holiday home 'Ural dawns' and 'Birches', as well as one of the largest ski areas in the Urals.

" About Metallurg Magnitogorsk GLTS tell apart, because it is there equipped ski slopes, ideal suitable for both experienced and for beginners. However, the slopes are excellent – this is important, but not the only advantage glts Metallurg. Guests are complex, of course, enjoy: Numerous restaurants and cafe, picnic glades, beautiful mountains, amazing forests, mild climate, and other social facilities. For more information on routes. To come to Bath as a lake can be beginners, so and lovers of extreme fun, which was prepared for a half-pipe slope. The seven existing routes glts 'Metallurg' designed for skiers with different levels of sporting skills and training. The resort is equipped with high speed lift gondola type, which is only 6 minutes to raise people to the top of any of the seven runs. The length of runs an average of 2,500 m. There are trails for riding at night, you can hire sports equipment and school for beginners. Well But now, with regard to residence. Comfortable and modern hotel (Bath is famous for its excellent residential complexes) are able to take your walls absolutely any number of guests. One option – a hotel Taganay. It opened its doors recently, but has already gained great popularity at the expense of comfortable living conditions, superb service and a large variety of additional services. Lake Bath is waiting for you, dear friends. Here everyone will find something fun to shower and get exactly the holiday, on which he had so long dreamed of!

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