Living In Group Fragments

To live in group is to love, to respect, to hate, to know to pardon and of being pardoned, to be discrete or to be bold to want and to be wanted and never to leave themselves to be forgotten. To live in group is to know to divide joys and sadnesses, to know to give and to know to ask for, to accept different with equality and the equal one with respect, to know to be humble without if leaving to be humiliated, great without being exaltado. To live in group is a true art, therefore we have that to cry, to be serious or to smile, to count jokes, to make piruetas, to have an attack of madness without losing the balance. It is to know to criticize and to receive the critical ones, to make a mistake and to make right, to respect the space of the other as sacred right of living, having and to give the freedom to be what it is, to be intelligent without subestimar the intelligence of the other, to recognize that each one is master in what it knows to make. To live in group and speech to be heard, to listen when necessary and to be silent when it will be made a mistake. To fight for its space without with this hurting the other, to always give what it waits to receive in exchange, therefore with certainty you will have what it will be deserved. To live in group is to have the certainty to be ready to support and to be supported, to divide a shoulder friend and to dry the tears of sadnesses and to leave to gush out of joy.

To know the moment certain of the withdrawal or to arrive together to always look at, you with the look of the other. To live in group is to be loyal, sincere, present, is to know to say yes or to say not without fear, to know to look in the eyes and speech I love you or not taste of you, to wait the everything or nothing with the same tranquillity. Filed under: Wayne Holman. It is to offer the dessert not to offer remaining portions, to serve without maltreatments and not to leave that its offers are seen by the other as a mere obligation and yes, a good action, with the received rocks to construct a ortaleza, therefore when returning you disclose them your weakness. To live in group is the supreme wisdom of being happy, knowing that nor all they please and nor to all we please, more exactly thus is accepted perfect or imperfect, we are simply human.

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