Older Women and Health

And do not say you’re fat or have too many cauchitos in the abdomen. They have normal falls for her age, her breasts have not yet lost the battle against gravity. They have big ass and hips that show the experience in the wars of love. But there is no clothing to fashion for their sizes. A is that from the centers where it is thought there are fashion models who look like women in Latin America.

There is no good pants for a 60 waist and at the same time fits into a hip 90 or more. Nor is there a blouse to a size 42B breast. The solution is gradually in the hundreds of thousands of women, young and not so young, which were left pods and were sent to put a little silicone in their breasts, to get through on the measures and impose its power, although or plastic. a I join the group of men who day after day we were glad to see women over 40 years walking the streets of this country by showing its natural attributes or with silicone or botox. They do not care at all what they say when you put tremendous lights up like a code 42B nuclear-shining to every man and woman go through her. I like that to see women over 40 years with hair painted red.

With gel nails super long and drawn with vivid designs. I’m note see women over 50 years with a super short skirts showing thighs fleshy loin appetizing than first. Are women libido rise. There is no designer to impose a shit. Depart is the watchword when they pass through the corridors of the malls. Women in casual and meats provide respite to their crazed movements of his hips. You have to see them on weekends when they visit the shops, supermarkets, medical offices, government offices, and so, when are preparing to get into the sea. Venezuelan sirens are from every angle and say what they are proudly displayed the attributes of nature and some god gave them to be happy. a Juan Guerrero (Maracaibo, 1954) Bachelor of Arts. Universidad Central de Venezuela. 1978. Assistant Professor of Literature in Venezuela, UCV. 1978-79. Postgraduate Courses of Italian Language and Literature.

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