How Do I Get Off My Pimples?

A guide for Pickelgeplagte – without chemicals and medicines has seen determined this scene each one of us. It meets the one worse than the other. I would like to describe in my article, what I myself everything tried and what really helps against Pickel.Ich want to make courage against the fight with the pimples. 1. When are pimples? Especially during puberty, that is, between 12 and 19 years old you get to the most common pimples.

That related to the hormones, which change in the body. The skin is oily, the sweat glands work harder than before. Quickly sits down dirt in the pores and already is a ugly pimple. Pimples can increasingly arise in pregnancy. Also here mainly because the hormones are to blame. If we stress, we have more pimples.

If we were sleeping too little and unhealthy to feed us, we have more pimples than usual. 2. What body occurring pimples? Pimples can be found very often on the face and on the neck and back. Very seldom you have pimples on your arms and Legs. What is it? We touch our faces with our hands constantly. Many of us the hands is unaware, how many times a day in the or on the face. Clean nose, biting nails, put Chin in hand, rubbing eyes, lips make-up, mouth swab, etc. Unfortunately all bacteria in the face come with the hands. We would connect much less with viruses and bacteria all of us, if we would leave the hands away from the face. It is worthwhile to try this out! 3. What can I do for pimples? There are different methods. On the one hand one must find out of course, if someone has “only” one or many pimples, or if you already have has acne. This can and should determine only the skin doctor. Typically, the skin doctor then prescribes creams and ointments, that cost a lot and unfortunately not help. You can also experiment with so-called “remedies”. Grease for example curd with honey on the face, tooth paste on the pimples do cucumber mask let etc.. Also here is the result frustrating. Nothing really helps. Unfortunately the advertising masquerading as always us, what we have to buy everything, so we are nice. We spend way too much money. Here, everything is so easy! There is a long-lasting help for pimples. I’ve found it. Pimples should permanently stay away and not only for one day. So, I must change something permanently keep away the pimples. I can only achieve this by I analyze my daily / weekly basis. For example you can ask following questions: how long have I been asleep. I’m rested? What do I eat a day. How many meals do I have? I have stress? Can I reduce it? All of which leads to a personal analysis. To get an answer precisely on these issues, I would like to indicate at this point a link (, which treated this topic very competently and professionally. With a step by step-instructions there describes how you pimples permanently and without chemicals get away.

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