Natural Mattress Comes Without LaTeX

Not only without LTeX, even without cotton, (latexierte) coconut fibre and weave Jutege– filz, sisal or other from the imported raw materials, also produced the most natural natural mattress. New natural mattresses there from seagrass (Denmark), hemp (Germany Latvia straw fiber), rye straw (Germany DEMETER), hay (Latvia), wool (Latvia biological or conventional Lithuania), flax straw (Germany) fern (Latvia) and what is possible is desired. The basic idea was to use raw materials, which were used as filler in centuries the beds of Europe. Often have these special benefits about sleep also. Seagrass is a good choice for dust allergy and the mattress at all.

Rye straw is very stable and very well suited to mattresses. In solid form in the mattress it has history in Germany for 50 years. Wool has a high health effect of the lanolin (wool wax). This mattress is the most resilient as those with hemp fiber. Fern is good against earth rays and others Problems.

Hemp straw is a straw which previously harvested and dried, thinner blades”to have. The purchase of raw materials will remain in motion. There should be a manufacturer of felting (wool and flax) in Riga and from autumn hemp fibers produced 45 miles from the place of production. Organic flax straw is there in Germany. The new natural mattress consists of 2 separate layers, each with about 7 cm thickness from 6 cm filler and is 1 cm felt. The whole thing is bordered with natural linen. Both parts are stacked in the bed and fixed by the framework. There is no frame, connectors, linen available are available. At the time, other fillers can be combined with sea grass or rye straw. These two raw materials have a very long history in the field of mattress and upholstered furniture construction. All natural resources can easily absorb moisture and give back.

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The Expectations

The solid wood furniture provider solid wood know what are looking for buyers of solid wood furniture in Germany and how to meet the expectations of its customers. If you are looking for original solid wood furniture, sure to settle is the purchase and the furniture supplier fulfil own demands for sustainability and quality should be, a purchase of furniture from an online shop is not easy. Solid wood, seal has been certified with the trusted shops. A transparent and credible platform is provided to the customer. The buyers are therefore under the buyer protection with the purchase of solid wood furniture and can take the money-back guarantee claim if necessary. By optimal customer service, customer satisfaction with solid wood is very high and the return rate is nearly zero percent. The online furniture provider combines the advantages of stationary furniture trade excellently with which one Online furniture stores. Advising of clients in the decision-making phase is very intense and often several weeks.

The decision-making process is supported through the free wood patterns in the eight offered colours and the furniture catalogs. Video recordings of furniture in bedroom, living room and dining room arrangements help in visualizing even without furniture exhibition site. Before the purchase, questions answered and clarified all aspects of furniture making. The offered solid wood furniture is hand made in the best quality. These real wood furniture pine wood are natural products made from a renewable resource.

The wood comes from sustainable forestry. This means that the cut off amount of wood is constantly replanted. The falling in the furniture production remnants of wood utilized sensibly continue. For the wood and furniture treatment to use natural products such as eco wax, water stain and water colors. The personnel policy focuses on a long-term Employment of staff. Solid wood long works with its business partners and suppliers. Treat yourself to browse to the time of pages of the online shop of solid wood – – and inspiration for your own home. You know: quality, safety and sustainability be capitalized here.

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