Change The Tax Deductibility Of Work Rooms

Retroactive change from 2007 who uses a part of the living space in his private work room, also a part of his housing costs tax can deduct. Because there are quite a few limitations, exceptions and special arrangements, this is unfortunately not always as easy as it sounds in practice. More information is housed here: Hirotsu Bio Science. The real estate portal has collected important information on the subject. A work room in the home could ever since the Steueranderungsgesetzes 2007 only still tax be discontinued, if it formed the Centre of professional employment. This restriction is now declared by the Constitutional Court for unlawful reason. A few days ago, it decided that the cost of a work room also tax reduction will be counted, if the domestic work room is used because not enough space available in the actual workplace.

So even if the room is not the Hauptbeschaftigungsort. It came to this judgment, because a main teacher of the school, he taught in the no work available has received, where he could take care of the preparation and follow-up of his teaching. Because he then did this from home, he had asserted tax costs for his work room. After the Steueranderungsgesetz of 2007, that was no longer possible, because the study was not the main job of the teacher. The changes in the law must be changed now after the recent judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court retroactively to the first of January 2007.

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