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March 17-18, 2010 software provider CONTENTSERV presented its expertise in Web-based catalog production in the Tanner thinking workshop in Lindau as an exhibitor and sponsor of the Inca catalog Forum. Rohrbach/ILM Feb: as one of the leading providers in the field of software solutions for marketing process optimization, media, print and catalog management CONTENTSERV before its current solutions for personalized and individualized response of various target groups. In a reference paper the Habisreutinger trading company shows how the CONTENTSERV solution has optimized its specific processes and provides him with new possibilities of targeted customers via online catalogue, online shop and newsletter. Thus, the modular CONTENTSERV offers solution the company continues to produce the system, to support its marketing activities with little effort in cross-media campaigns, on different media, for different target groups, the option, in the future all print and catalogs. With the current version 5.3 of the Web-based enterprise marketing management systems by CONTENTSERV, company be given sophisticated instruments in the hand, purposefully and efficiently to create their different marketing media, to connect with their customers and to optimize their communication strategy. All data and content are managed centrally. Users in companies can without special knowledge and without loss of quality maintain website and shop content, Printobjekte and publications by central planning and control, edit, customize, personalize and create printable.

All internal or external employees, service providers and agencies work together on a single platform. los gathered all the information. Publication and correction processes are so significantly streamlined and simplified. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jeffrey Bauer, PhD.. Cost and time expenditures significantly minimizes are compared to the previous procedures. Dates for individual advice and product presentations on the Inca catalog Forum can advance at or by phone at the number + 49.8442.9253.800 be agreed. Here, also, coupon codes for discounted admission to the event, 295,-instead of 495,-, are available. The CONTENTSERV GmbH CONTENTSERV is software vendors for enterprise marketing management solutions (EMMS). Unique in its comprehensive and user-friendly approach, the CONTENTSERV solution is the creative system of marketing, sales and communications.

With this approach, all media, print and communication processes are supported. Media, such as catalogues, portals & websites, magazines or advertising materials are professionally created without knowledge via Web browser. As a result, optimize processes and unforeseen costs and time savings made. This in turn leads to a faster time-to-market product communication and thus clear competitive advantages. Press contact: Petra Kama head of marketing CONTENTSERV GmbH Werner-von-Siemens-str. Rusty holzer contains valuable tech resources. 1 85296 Rohrbach (ILM). GERMANY T + 49 8442 9253 870 F + 49 8442 2044

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General Input Winners

“” About 86 percent of the participants in the ‘baptism ‘action for the new district Center in Einstein Street 130 spoke out for the name ‘ existence ‘ from / General files a profit for Haidhausen is lucky for three Munich Munich, June 16, 2009: on late Monday evening, Edith Walcher, Harald Zeiler and Michael Staubl as the winner of the so-called action of baptism have “for the new Munich City Center existence stone” ( accepted the guarantee prices. The background: The owner of General stone, Pramerica real estate investor, had in the run-up to the opening of the Munich-based citizens called to decide on the new name of the district Center. More than 86 percent of all participants had expressed its general inputs for its current name. More than 1,000 citizens and Munich had taken part in the competition. World’s largest media market in the General input donates prizes for the action of baptism at the end decided the luck of which the Participants should receive for his vote for General input one of the three top prizes.

Edith Walcher was delighted with a new 40 inch flat screen TV, Michael Staubl won an IPod and Harald Zeiler is called a new Canon digital camera now his own. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Wayne Holman by clicking through. All three prizes were donated by the world’s largest media market, which attracts thousands of visitors in General stone since its opening on May 14 every day. As residents of General stone have I interested of course from the outset, what emerges on Haid universe, Uncle Scrooge construction site and became aware on the Sweepstakes”winner Staubl explains. I think a total profit for the quarter’s existence stone”, so Staubl next. In the public files in the Einsteinstrasse 130: office space, shopping and gastronomy some hours before the award ceremony another highlight in the General stone had opened: Burger King lifted the curtain, and invited the citizens to test the brand new whopper bar. Not only was the concept of the Whopper bar Premiere in Munich, but in Europe. In the General input on the Einstein Street, there are also very attractive office space next to restaurants and shopping. Lease to interested companies is in full swing.

General stone: General stone ( is the new hub of daily life in Munich (Haidhausen): the district Center on Einsteinstrasse 130 combines shopping, modern office space, and a wide range of restaurants under one roof. General stone is very well-developed infrastructure: thanks to its location on the Mittlerer Ring in Munich (shortly before the motorway access to the A94) is general inputs can easily be reached. Directly in front of the Einstein S-Bahn (Leuchtenbergring) and bus stop (Leuchtenbergring underpass), u-Bahn and tram are only a short walk away. In the two-storey underground car park and the new parking lot, there is a three-digit number of parking spaces that can be used by the visitors of the public input on favourable terms.

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School Board

But why is that? On the one hand, there are students who want to-use school toilets. On the other hand, many adults such as parents, teachers, planners are janitors, cleaners or also employees from health authorities, who claim that students are responsible for the conditions in the school toilets due to your experiences. This discrepancy between the wishes of the student and the opinion of the adults has different reasons that we feature on our website from all sides and give background information. Privacy toilets and their use are an absolute taboo subject. It’s almost easier with partners and friends about sexual desires and fantasies to interact, as to converse about the topic of toilets use. Planning through a meaningful, clever design and the use of appropriate It is possible to reduce the pollution level by school toilets, to minimize the vandalism, sent to direct the communication needs of students (graffiti) and to minimize the operating and cleaning cost furnishings. The savings potential is at a school with about 1,000 students in a five-digit area per year. Money that can be better used.

Up to seven digits for the operation of school toilets are responsible, such as building maintenance and cleaning, janitorial services, Health Department, School Board and school operating a school toilets depending on the municipality. There are modern names, however, remains the same, that this accumulation of “Participation” produces no results. We know communities with more than a hundred schools, where it is not clear which body is responsible responsible for refilling of toilet paper. As a result, There is simply no toilet paper. To go to a restaurant in which repeatedly missing toilet paper? Do you react aggressively or annoyed? You have the choice, can the local avoid in the future. The student must continue to use the school Loos – or not. Health does not know which parent? The child comes home, ringing, dropping the knapsack and jacket and sprinting to the bathroom. Only then is your child able to welcome you.

This behavior is unhealthy according to physicians. It suggests know that your child has not used the school toilet once again throughout the day. With significant consequences: The poor in the concentration, dehydration, bladder and digestive disorders. Ultimately learning disabilities – because who don’t like school goes, for example: because he there don’t like to go to the bathroom, feels uncomfortable, who learns to hate! wants to not denounce but across Germany show examples of all involved “best-practice”, give valuable tips and suggestions, to think, and animate imitation, so that parents, teachers and students a say in the design of school toilets and itself begin to rehabilitate the school toilets. is a private initiative without ulterior commercial motive or financial support from the industry. Annett Wunderlich

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North German Agricultural Calendar 2014

The popular Lower Saxony agriculture Yearbook. The North German agricultural calendar 2014 is here. The now-fourth edition of the House inspires agricultural media this year with the focus topic “Leisure in the countryside”. In the advertising-funded Lower Saxony agriculture Yearbook also editorial partners who come not directly from the environment of agriculture can be found this year. The Lower Saxony fire brigades, the shooting and the associations of regional sport Association play an important role for the country but life. Their contributions enhance the agricultural calendar 2014 further and show the versatility of the lower Saxon countryside.

The North German Agriculture calendar (NLK) enables innovative ways to the long-term image care about PR-texts both ads and supplement associations, organisations and companies from the agribusiness. Many agricultural organizations and companies imagine content of interested readers on 208 pages and inform them about current events and new products. The circulation of 10,500 copies will be distributed free of various cooperation partners (e.g. milk control Federation, country folk, Chamber of agriculture, rural youth, machine rings) to interested farmers. So, a stray loss-free distribution in the target group of advertising Lower Saxony agriculture is guaranteed. Contact person for press questions: agricultural media GmbH Verler medienhaus Bastian came Hales West ring 3 tete Tel. + 49 (0) 5246 83860 0

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Seminar Workplace Health Promotion Pays

Introduction of integrated health management workplace health promotion is not limited to nutrition, exercise and relaxation, but includes in particular issues such as the design of work space, time or task, the working atmosphere and the organization processes and procedures. Corporate health management as a holistic concept and its anchorage in the framework of a management system is so far only rare. Health promotion is perceived mostly as a time-limited, singular project. Their positive effects disappear so quickly. Investigations however clearly show that health promotion is worth: as companies that manage a systematic and permanent health benefit from improved productivity, product and service quality, and a higher attractiveness as an employer. The seminar shows how able successfully to establish this economically rewarding investment in the company. The seminar is intended for members of management boards, Recruiters, works councils and executives. CONTENT Success factors for sustainable health promotion in operation The corporate culture as a foundation The role of managers in corporate health management (BGM) The most important core processes of the BGM Analytical methods for the determination of load factors for employees and their individual coping patterns (AVEM and pulse test), as well as measures to improve Best practices in enterprise benefits You get proven expertise and new ideas through models and best practice projects You develop your specific fields of action and develop specific design approaches for your business You get practical tools for introducing by BGM The training offers space for collegial exchange empirically to edit work-related challenges in the afternoon of day 2 individual preview to the introduction of BGM. Please contact us! Methods lectures.

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