Makeup personal image increasingly becomes more important, so it must attend all kinds of aspects that allow to improve the aesthetics of people, so one of the media more employees for this, is the use of various types of makeup for the face by means of which certain welcome aspects of the image can exalt or are also media ideals to create certain styles in appearance according to special situations. Despite being something as simple makeup is something that stands out with a large presence in different fields, since its application is not limited to the improvement of the image of the person, but in its different manifestations is useful in today’s world for an endless number of activities both for men and for women. It is true that makeup is mostly known for the aesthetic make-up mode or to beautify the image of the face, i.e. perform diverse works on the face to be able to exalt certain aspects, such as cheekbones, lips, eyelashes, finally the aesthetics is a large accompanist in makeup; However when there is talk of makeup is this referring to a term general, which represents certain preparations or mixtures of certain elements that include certain man-made substances that can be used in order to adapt the make-up to certain lighting effects or to certain characterizations or Visual effects in its content. Therefore when speaking of makeup is referenced anywhere body mainly the face that has received or has had a cosmetic application.

Something that has always been presented with makeup is that the application or the creation of certain styles that depend on certain trends or fashions presented in the era, in such a way at certain times has become accustomed wearing an exaggerated makeup, while at other times searched styles more minimalist, as it is currently checking for simple styles that do not abuse the make-up without neglecting certain aspects that need at least one minimum presence of makeup; This in terms of aesthetic or cosmetic makeup. The other types of makeup application refers more to the realization of certain specific activities, they accommodate mention different types of makeup in their various applications. -Makeup in film and television: in this type of activity the makeup is presented as an essential element, this is due to different lighting elements that are used in this type of activities that have the effect that miss some coloration on the skin, certain makeup that minorice these effects should therefore be used. -The makeup of characterization: when you want to create certain special images or special aspects according to certain occasions or special dates, the use of make-up is so common to complement certain outfits as disguises or generate certain faces and aires special for certain ceremonies such as marriages; recreate certain characters that require techniques of aging, rejuvenation, among other things.

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