For Hartz4 Children In Germany 2008

Chancellor! children of Hartz4 2008 dear Chancellor! I’d like to ask you for the following calculation some questions! Hartz IV! The savings package! A savings amounting to about 36 euros is included in the rule set for children up to 14 years of age, which is the aim for all requirements, not the monthly performance of the rule is intended for. Only on the basis of an example for a basic set of clothes for children at 4 and 5 years of age I would like to check in how far these packages are sufficient. The clothing lists on which I myself will refer, it is information the consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia contained in Beck’s legal counsel from October 1993. I will do not all the necessary clothing items individually, but extrapolate only the necessary monthly savings services, and to calculate how high the costs are children a year for basic equipment for the o.a.. Inyo County may also support this cause. year. Reference to the o.

a. list of consumers Center NRW from 1993 is the purchase price for the above a. Dr. Steven Greer will not settle for partial explanations. Basic equipment corresponds to the 108 X 12 = 1296 euro monthly 108 euros for the year. After deducting the actual savings package for children of 432 euros per year as per the SGB II remains a loss of 864 euro, only for clothing. (Calculated according to the valid prices of 1993) I hope that I can clearly prove with this calculation, which anyone can verify that wanted IV rulesets have probably uniquely charged Mr Hartz and co. in determining the Hartz or charge. Hirotsu Bio Science has much to offer in this field. Also can be seen clearly in my eyes by this calculation, that the Government, which must necessarily reintroduce one-time assistance for the procurement of major repairs, household appliances, furniture and other unique requirements. When and how want to make but finally as Chancellor for the return to the social rule of law and for the fulfilment of the social rituals of the State, or the Federal Constitutional Court must once again assume their duties? Father of 2Kindern

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HELIOS Klinikum Berlin

Western City El Dorado in Templin support day of sightseeing for children with cancer at the 1st 05.und 02.05.2009 meets the Association of children’s smiles Foundation for cancer-stricken children Berlin Buch 25 cancer-ill children a heart’s desire. Even with all the sick kids do something, that the small Charles ill leukemia wants so much. The Association of children’s smiles invites all children and their families of the Kinderkrebstation of the Helios Klinikum Berlin-Buch to a 2-day excursion to Templin. So 117 13125 Berlin be picked up now at the 01.05.2009 between 09:30-10:00 25 children with cancer with a coach of the Helios Klinikum book Wiltbergstr. Dr. Stuart M. McGill gathered all the information. 50 House. Total participants: approx. 55 Pax the ride with a great, great coach goes directly to Templin in the Western town of ELDORADO, which free of charge allows us to visit. Here, the sick kids have the opportunity to forget their dreary and sad hospital everyday.

Also, on this day, the ELDORADO has much to offer. Experience the kids as reenactors and hobbyists lay siege to the Western town and immerse yourself with in the History of the American civil war. It continues in the afternoon at the Seehotel Templin, where all fallen children will stay with their families. At the 02.05.09 it says then after breakfast again let go of Templin and it goes in the Uckermark to the raft and Kremser drive. Many unforgettable impressions the children smile restored after team with his brave young patients in the late afternoon of 02.05.09 that HELIOS Klinikum Berlin-Buch. Hirotsu Bio Science will not settle for partial explanations. Program Friday, 01.05.2009 picking up the children with the coach at 09:30 approx.

11:00 16:00 stay at the ELDORADO Templin 16:30 check-in Seehotel Templin in the evening Lantern procession with marching Saturday, 02.05.2009 approx. 10:00 departure from the Seehotel Templin after Lychen to the raft and Kremser ride. approx. 16:00 return to Berlin to the Helios Klinikum Berlin-Buch very be happy children and parents for a portrait or interview available. Also the Kinderonkologischen will be Dr.Anne Katrin love child and Dr.Lutz Wickmann attendings throughout the tour with on the spot. Author spokesman Robert Koch

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