Uruguay Words

Painter or artist? Painter. .There are many words that would have to reverse its meaning.One of them is art, another, artista.2) what is your message? do you want to express in your work?I need to somehow express what I can not translate words or gestures or actions. More healthy might be able to put it into words.I download my communication problems through a plastic language.They are basically my emotions.The image is untranslatable. Convey what I am and I confess that I am looking for adhesion.3) your biography in four Lineasnaci on 1 September 1965 in conception of Uruguay, Entre Rios, then I lived in Zelaya, at age twelve I moved my flia. to Escobar.estudie art. (I paint, I draw, I play the bajo.4) address of your pagina:www.

diazpuerta. com. ar5) how is an idea born? What is the inspiration for you?I don’t know how the ideas arise. Images appear. I imagine things.The dreams, the trips, the people, places, reading, music, desires.Of all that I alimento.6) role play the technique in your creative process?It is essential.The technique is a key tool.The key to being able to bring me as can represent what I want.I can only do what I get, and that is conditioned by my technique. A greater knowledge of a language, greater release, more possibilities of eleccion.7) what is art? How so you definis?Virtually everything can be justified with the words.I’m not sure of what is or is not art but yes I feel when I’m against anything that excites me because the words are unnecessary. can someone explain how you feel about your loved?Art is also a mystery, by nature is beyond any Definicion.comprendo that my approach is anything but scientific. Juan manuel18) when the best ideas occur you?When live situations intensas.9) three creative ideas that you would like you would have occurred to you.No me lo planteo.10) when, how did you start to see yourself as an artist?Fifteen or sixteen years old I began to channel my expressive needs drawing almost every day, but it already came before, it was a game, not I raised what I never.Realized naturalmente.11) why so many artists and creators are volatile personalities?The need to show what we do (what we are) reveals a trait exhibitionist that cannot but be born of a conflict, a headache, an urgency of affection, of recognition.Passions are rooted in dissatisfaction are very difficult to accept.If we are not going through what we feel that we pity return turned into a monster and overflows.

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