On the basis of this cycle that involves the transport and the removal of oxygen and its residues, we will be able to understand the related structural alterations to the aging. With passing of the years it can be possible that, alterations in the vascular physiology come to modify the structure of the system causing its decline, this decline can associate with the advance of the age, another point key that generally we can identify in this process is the presence of illnesses that acometem the vascular system, thus being able to speed up the alterations that compromise its functioning. We observe despite the vascular alterations according to Kauffman (2001), more common in the aged ones are related to some factors if treating to the structural alterations. We detach two actions as the calcificao of the smooth musculatura and the increase of the colgeno text, in which it takes the loss of the contraction capacity of the vases and the reduction of elastic staple fibres Tornado the vases most rigid with the advance of the age. Some studies point that programs of physical training can contribute for the improvement of the functions of the vascular system during the aging process. In accordance with Silva and Zanesco (2010), the programs of training with aerobic exercises can in such a way promote benefits for the prevention how much for the treatment of the patologias that acometem the vascular system. In another study, Santarem (2000), affirms that the resisted exercises would be few efficient ones and until dangerous promoting some type of I benefit in the vascular system in aged, bad currently studies already brings tona that the resisted exercises, can also contribute for prevention and the improvement of the functions of the vascular system during the aging process.

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