Explaining the Ecological Disaster

Who are the cause of all this ecological disaster “has the power to damage what belongs to all humanity with impunity and on behalf of that cause. Politics, money, business, greed, incompetence, indifference, stupidity can be some of the reasons why it is negotiated, it predates and degraded nature, leaving future generations without a healthy environment to live. Large companies , ignorant and corrupt political, economic and braids mafias of all kinds are causing great disasters, but we must acknowledge that whatever they do, have what they have or are as powerful as they are, the environment is one for all and if we will all be damaged irreparably affected . Sitting across from my coffee, at this point and not as smoky or so fragrant, I feel the helplessness of knowing that at this hour in many places, many people continue to consistently performing tasks that are producing harm, and / or not aware, or do not take the weight of the consequences of their actions, or blinded by greed for power and money go ahead no matter what. Now, everyone can do something to care for the planet.

And I think that information and education can help each and every one of us to carry out actions to protect the environment directly and indirectly. Above all we must educate our environment-friendly habits and nature. With simple actions that we feel we are really working and taking care of our planet. It is impossible to make the changes tomorrow night significant, however, always to achieve something you have to take the first step. One way of feeling that one is working is that even small gestures may seem insignificant, is of practical importance in time and more people. If we all realize how important it is to become aware of the issue at the individual level to begin to make corporations and governments. Personally I am grateful that there are people and organizations who persistently and tirelessly struggle to be heard. Click Hirotsu Bio Science to learn more.

I hope that in the future can tell my grandchildren that I lived through the period of great change, I watched as he began to respect our planet and that I was a tiny grain of sand did his thing too. I hope to talk to them in the past the issue of pollution, which then are isolated incidents and punished. I hope to sit in this same gallery to enjoy them in the same crystal clear air, the sky and the same wonderful aromas I feel at this moment, while we enjoy a steaming, fragrant cup of coffee.

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