Vietnam War

But what proof! Fans of the group does not decrease, reissued albums are bought and is still active. But the musical At first I thought it strange that idea. What it can remove? Does that make any unpretentious love story, decorated with fresh faces and immortal, have long since become classics, hits. When I saw the name of the director, my puzzlement increased: before Julia Taymor took off great, but not easy “Titus” and “Frida.” And now – the musical! In general, I was intrigued by any longer and, as soon as possible, bought the cd. And after watching gone forever, and start unhealthy gleaming eyes, left and right to advertise and give to friends “Across the Universe”. So, a few words about the plot.

Especially because a lot more about him and not say. The film is set in the mid 60’s and early 70’s. In this period in the U.S. there is a set of dramatic events: the racial riot in Detroit, the Vietnam War, anti-war action and innovation in the arts. Against this background, develops the story of young people – they are all names taken from the creativity of the Beatles. Jude (song “Hey Jude”, “playing a guy, Jim Sturgess) lives in England with his mother, who once admitted to him that his father was overseas and did not even know of its existence.

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